Woven Shorts & Winner

Here’s another extremely belated outfit post from our trip to Provence. These shorts are pretty much perfect summer shorts.  Colorful, high-waisted, and textured…I’ve been wearing them non stop. Here, I paired them with a crisp white button down for a relaxed and comfortable sightseeing look. They are high waist-ed so I also love them with a boxier cropped top (like this one) or just a plain, white v-neck t shirt (my fave!) You can also tuck in a camisole and leave the button down open for a different look.
The BEST part is…the shorts are on sale here for $36 (down from $63!) so pick up a pair before they sell out!!
In other news…
Congratulations to Christie McDougall and Liz (ButterflyLilies) for winning Midi Ring Sets from Glam Rock Jewelry!! 


  1. love the look and that hat is fab on you!

  2. Theyre really cute shorts!! Love the colors.

    Editor & Chic

  3. I think I’m going to have to get the hat before we head off to San Francisco. Love that it retains its shape, and best of all its on sale :))

  4. You look so chic! Fantastic shorts.

  5. Love the crusher hat! And yey, I’m excited about winning the giveaway! I sent you a message about having issues with the email account I posted though.

  6. Ooh love how the hat can be stuffed into a bag w/o being smushed!

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