Vintage Dresser Find!

We’ve started purchasing pieces for the new home here and there and this find from last week has been my most exciting moment yet.  I found this small business (Twice Loved Furniture Creations) on Craigslist and I fell in love with her work.  They are antique pieces of furniture that she lovingly and tastefully refinishes.


The quality of the furniture is unbelievable.  The pieces are extremely heavy, indicating high quality solid wood.  There is beautiful wear on the pieces while all the drawers are still functioning well.  The piece I bought was an American of Martinsville piece, which reassured me even more about the quality.  The listed price was $440, which in my opinion is a great price for such a large, beautifully refinished dresser.




She updates her facebook page frequently with new pieces.  Definitely Like her page on facebook to see the updates.  And if you find something you love, act quickly.  There were many people interested in the piece I bought and instead of going to see it on the weekend as planned, I had to rush there on a Thursday to snatch it up first.

For more info on Twice Loved Furniture Creations, click here!

For those who aren’t local, you can shop other dressers and buffets here:



  1. I love!!! If I ever move back, I may have to check them out =) I can’t wait for your house to come along =)


  2. Thanks for the information! We have been searching for a foyer console table for months…this may be the route I take!

  3. Such a great find. You should also check out Chic Antiques! They are in Andersonville.

    I just love that gray dresser. Like want it now!

  4. I knew as soon as I saw your pic that it was likely from Twice Loved Furniture. I discovered her Facebook page a while back and can’t believe how great her prices are! Your piece is gorgeous!

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