Update your denim!

Current Elliott boyfriend jeans $206

One of the biggest trends in denim right now is the boyfriend jean we saw everyone from Katie Holmes to Rachel Bilson (my fave!) rocking from 08.

Some things to keep in mind when wearing this trend:
– Roll up/cuff the jeans to make it look intentional (no walk of shame here!) and break up the boxiness.
– Pair the baggy, boyfriend jeans with a more feminine top and heels if possible (like shown above) so you don’t actually end up looking like a boyfriend
– Try a ton on and see which are flattering on you! This trend is teeter-tottering on “ick” unless you get the fit exactly right.
– If you have a pair of straight leg jeans that are several sizes too large lying around (or your bf/hubbie is just a few sizes bigger than you….not the case in my household. I tried on dear hubbie’s and after buttoning up, they literally fell to the ground. Sorry streak frites for ousting you!), you may want to try just rolling up the hems to see if it works.

AG ex boyfriend crop jean $225

Another big trend in denim is the distressed look. I don’t think it’s worth spending a lot of money on ripped up jeans. You can either distress a pair of old jeans yourself or pick up a $20 pair at forever21 like I did.

Distressed denim tips:
– Roll up/cuff the jeans
– Pair with something simple and clean (like a plain white v-neck) and cute simple gladiators. There is a lot going on in your pants and you don’t want to overdo it.

If nothing else….get out a pair of straight leg jeans and roll them up for a fresh look this spring/summer!



  1. Hmm…I may have to try this with the skinny jean I have. I LOVE that girl’s tank top on the first pic…(and secretly her shoes too! although, the hubs wouldn’t get it…and say, “why is their a chunk missing from your shoes? Shouldn’t you return that and get a normal one?”….boys.

  2. sigh* funny you blog about this now… i also thought this was going to be one of those trends that come and go… so i didn’t want to spend too much moolah.. so i found a pair of american eagle ones that seemed super cute… the size 0 at the store was too big on me so i ordered the 00 online.. and i JUST got it yesterday… it’s super cute but still too big!!! i’m gonna see if one of the girls here would like it..


  3. omg chris…a size 00 is too big?!?!?! what is your secret?

  4. Truly Smitten: There is no secret.. AE’s sizes are ridiculously “American” and soooooo big.. you would def not fit into the 00 either!

  5. that last comment was not from me or my alias
    ‘steak and f.f.’

  6. That was me commenting under “ajuker”..Sorry!

  7. Anonymous says:

    nice blog, think you have some of the same fashion ideas as this one http://photoinsideout.blogspot.com/

  8. omg, distressed is in in a big way here in the motherland…. I’ve seen way too many girls sporting the acid wash — talk about ick!?!

    Chris, ’00’?? I somehow don’t find myself feeling too sorry for you ;)

  9. that first image is amazing!

  10. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a pair of these… probably from AE because that’s pretty much where all my jeans are! They are the only store that makes short jeans that exactly fit my height!

  11. Both pairs of jeans are great. like how clean and simply they have been styled in those look shots.
    muah x

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