Tie Front Shirts

ASOS cropped lilac  |  Bellatrix equestrian print  |   MiH eyelet  |  Joie silk

I fell for a Madewell polka dotted tie front shirt last fall. But I was super pregnant and refused to buy a shirt I couldn’t try on. Now that I’m slowly but surely getting my figure back, I went searching for the blouse online and naturally, it’s no longer there. I found a ton of other great options though like the ones above.

I definitely rocked this trend back in the 80s and I love that it’s back. I like the way the MiH eyelet shirt is styled above. With a pair of denim cut offs, it’s the laid back summer style I adore.

Will you be bringing this trend back or skipping it altogether?



  1. I love these, the equestrian print one is so cute :). I am already bringing this trend back, I have a floral print one :) xx


  2. Old navy actually had a cute version of this shirt too. I like it on other people, but not on me.

  3. i could totally see you in the MiH outfit!

  4. i’m loving this trend as well!

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