The Statement Necklace

6. BaubleBar Mint Collar $42  |  7. Dannijo Anoushka Necklace (now 50% off!!)
Yesterday, a friend (actually a close friend of my sister’s) asked me to recommend a statement necklace.  I was flattered she was asking me since she’s so chic herself but almost immediately, I started thinking of the pieces I wanted to show her.  I decided to share some of my favorite statement necklaces with you all as well.  
I would say, my all time favorite that I’ve been lusting after for awhile are the Fallon Classique pieces. They’re stunning on their own and work beautifully stacked as well.  I love how you can wear something very simple and just add a fun necklace to amp up your look.
Here are some of the ways I would style a statement necklace:
– with a Spring/Summer 2013 appropriate origami skirt and plain white t-shirt
– button down shirt buttoned to the top with the necklace under the collar.  
– worn in or vintage tee topped with a motorcycle jacket
– with a simple sheath dress for work
– all white look topped with a silk sports jacket
Honestly, I could go on and on.  A statement necklace can go over pretty much anything you have on, as long as it’s not too busy already.  Do you have a favorite statement necklace? Have you jumped on the stacking necklace bandwagon yet? 
Quick tip: If you are planning to stack necklaces, you will need some necklace extenders. If you don’t have the tools at home, you can buy some premade extenders on Amazon.


  1. of course my eyes go to the two most expensive ones! WTH!? ;) Love these picks!

  2. Andee Layne: I usually do the same too. What can I say? We have refined tastes!

  3. Same here…I naturally fell in love with #1 and #4! Great post, Jiye! Any idea as to where I can buy extenders (other than online)?! I wanted to try the layered look this weekend (I have no patience). Maybe Michael’s or JoAnn’s?!

  4. These are gorge! I’ll take #6 please!

  5. Komi: oh pls! I’m sure you’ll look fab! Post pics!

  6. Aracely: great pick! ;)

  7. Statement necklaces are great to wear and can really dress up any outfit! I really like statement necklaces in gold and black, because they go with anything really! These ones look great!

  8. Adorable necklaces, I love Fallon Classique Crystal Necklace and BaubleBar Mint Collar.

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