Suburban Migration

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that we are in the middle of a whole house renovation.  After 8 years of living in Chicago, we are getting ourselves prepared for the suburban migration.  We love our current neighborhood (Bucktown) so much but in the end, we decided to move for the great schools the suburbs have to offer.

We originally had our hearts set on building a house from the ground up but after almost a year of looking for land or a teardown house, we gave up on that dream.  We decided that it made more sense financially to just buy an older home and completely renovate the inside and update the exterior.  We closed on the home back in October and are knee deep in renovations at the moment.  

Here are some pics from Instagram on the house…

4fd315fa2dd811e3908222000a9f146a_8Going over floor plans…

9f053ffa64f511e3bc0512cf84830b09_8Let there be open concept!

53c4d818604d11e38a340accca05616b_8All the old carpet ripped out.

15263e42758a11e3ae3f120b5b7df32d_8Checking out marble tiles!

3e393a4c796211e3add91207bb9c8442_8Gorgeous Vintage Dresser Find!

I will definitely be blogging about the process and you’ll see a lot of updates on Instagram as well, so definitely follow along there!


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