Spring Wedding

Aritzia dress  |  Blazer from Korea  |  Zara shoes  |  Chanel handbag  |  Asos Cuffs  
Floral prints and springtime are a logical combination that works year after year. I busted out this old dress from a couple years back for a friend’s wedding. Last time, I paired the dress with nude basket weave booties.  This time, I loved how it looked paired with my super simple black and gold wedges.

By the way, I’m loving the whole gold cuff and gold collar necklace trend! Anyone else? Oh and who is watching the Bachelorette tonight??



  1. So pretty! I love those shoes, they are exactly what I’ve been looking for to go with a dress that I just bought.

  2. You look very pretty! The dress is perfect!

  3. Very pretty, love those wedges.

  4. oh yeah! really loved your gold cuffs that night!

  5. In the words of Guilliana Rancic, “You look amazeballs!”

  6. I love the dress and I’m glad you wore it twice.

    I should do that too instead of keeping it in my closet, dry cleaned but neglected after one wear. I still think about this one dress I wore to a 2008 wedding. Maybe it’s time to try it on again. :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    did you go somewhere? you are so tan!

  8. I like this great feminine dress.

  9. Anonymous: nope…just been here! Although heading to France in a couple of weeks!!

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