Theory coat, J.Crew skirt, Banana Republic sweater, Members Only booties, Balenciaga bag, J.Crew necklace

I love sequins on anything these days. I think the key to wearing them without looking like you’re headed to a new years eve party all over again is to downplay it with something casual or preppy. I paired this sequin skirt with a super soft, slouchy sweater to downplay the sparkle. Click here to see the skirt worn preppy.

I really wanted to get the sequin jacket from Gap but it felt too dramatic and glam for my lifestyle. Love it though! Did you jump on the sequin bandwagon?  

Oh and hubbie’s black tie event is coming up tomorrow! I finally get to wear the dress you all voted on here. I’m debating on hair up or down…what do you think?



  1. You are gorgeous! I really love that necklace!

    My vote is for hair down, just because the dress is strapless so it won’t cover anything. You’re going to SHINE! :)

  2. what about wearing it down and curled like you did not too long ago?

  3. Cute! Love the outfit!

  4. Very pretty coat! Where were you off to?

  5. Love the bag! You’re always so cute!

  6. I love sequins too. I do in fact have a silver sequin jacket and may one day do an outfit post as I quite like to wear it during the day to cheer everyone up! Thank you for reminding me about it:)

    Carol x

  7. I totally considered the gap sequined jacket…but it was just a tad too sparkly! wouldn’t get enough wear. i love how you’re wearing sparkles here…just a touch without being too over the top ;)

    i love your hair down with a bit of curl…but going to see the dress to give you an educated opinion…haha.


  8. i stick by my original…hair down with curl! can’t wait to see pics!

  9. Ohhh love the coat and the necklace…you look so elegant! visit me soon

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  10. I like the way you wore the shimmer shimmer!

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  11. btw, I think you should wear your hair down, but half up …hmm now i am thinking up. I wish I could choose!

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  12. youre too cute J!

  13. Lovin the sequins this season! I say hair down for romance or hair up for elegance. Just do both – hehe!

  14. You look gorgeous dear! Have a happy week end! <3

  15. Oh my goodness! you look darling. I stumbled upon your blog through JoAnn’s blog (i’d rather be shopping) and I’m so happy to find your blog.

    I’m a new mom trying get back in touch with reality and so I just started my own blog this week (literally!) Would love you have you come visit me. :)

    Love to see more of your post!

    xo, Jeanne

  16. hello my pretty chingoo… i say, go for up – how often do you have an excuse for an elegant up do?

    although if you did some nice soft waves (for a 1-shoulder look), that would be kind of sexy too. sorry, i am no help! :)

  17. milk tea: Thanks! I got the coat years ago but rarely get to wear it. We took my cousins out to dinner at Avec.

  18. You look beautiful! LOVE the coat.

  19. i love your outfit but i realllllllly love the coat. its amazing. xo

  20. I accidentally clicked on your name in Kendi’s blog, but glad I did. :) Cute outfit here – I love anything sequins and J. Crew! And Theory and Balenciaga! Well, you pretty much just summed up my wardrobe (with a little bit of Forever 21 mixed in)!

  21. I love everything about this outfit. The sparkle is too cute for words.

  22. why are you so cute and i love this outfit!

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