Some Things I’m Loving

Something lacy…
Club Monaco lace shorts. (Image: Club Monaco look book)
Something sparkly…
J.Crew sequin skirt (Image:
Something polka dotted…
Ann Taylor polka dotted scarf (Image:
Something chunky…

 Alexander Wang large cable cardigan (Image:

Something in a fair isle pattern…
Rag & Bone crop sweater (Image:
What are some things you are loving right now?
BTW…Don’t be jealous but I’m at an Oprah show taping today!!!


  1. Ohh, have so much fun with Oprah! I’m jealous!

    And I’m pretty sure I need something sparkly in my life too. Love that skirt!

  2. Lucky girl! I cannot believe I have lived in Chicago my whole life and have never been! Crazy. Hope its a good giveaway!

  3. Have so much fun at oprah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous.:)

  4. So totally jealous! Enjoy!

    I’m loving boots this season! High boots, flats, wedges!

  5. Loooove the lace.

  6. Yes for chunky sweaters. Warmth. Love.

  7. Love these! I’m on the hunt for some lace and sparkle too! Have fun at the Oprah show!!!

  8. Really like that Alexander Wang sweater…oh those balloon sleeves are magical. Wow, you are at the Oprah show? Can’t wait to hear how it went! Wonder if its one of those shows where she gives away things…

  9. Full post about Oprah necessary!!! love these looks!

  10. OPRA?!?! WHAT! Can you bring a luggage case and bring me in with you?!

    Just Better Together

  11. ooo, i’m into sparkly, too!!

  12. That’s awesome! You’ll have to post about your Oprah day!

  13. love your list!
    Oprah~ how fun. please do tell!

    vanilla with sprinkles

  14. i’m soo jelly! for some reason they don’t replay the 2nd oprah here anymore. :(

    (unless i’m just aware of where/when it’s been moved to :P)

  15. i like the chunky cardigan.. too bad i’d look ridic in it since i’m so short.. it would look good on you though!

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