So long 20’s, Hello 30’s!

Thank you so much for voting on your favorite dress yesterday! The dress I decided to go with is #1 the lavender dress. The picture did not do the dress justice. It especially looks so ethereal and flowy when I walk and move in it. Plus, it is honestly just a lot more comfortable than #2 which would require sucking in the stomach action all night. So #1 it is! Thanks for playing and on to today’s post!

I’m thirty today! It sounds strange and unfamiliar typing it out. I’m excited to celebrate though! 

Last year, hubbie and I had a staycation for my birthday. We stayed at a hip hotel downtown, cabbed it to restaurants we hadn’t been to, and had drinks at a rooftop bar. We definitely felt like we were on vacation in a different city and really enjoyed ourselves! So thankful for A’s grandma who’s always willing to watch A overnight!

This year, hubbie outdid himself! He knew I was obsessed with the new Elysian Hotel and booked us a room for tonight! The decor is exactly what I would want for my future home.

This driveway is heated so snow never piles up. This gorgeous entrance totally sets the mood.

Amazing light fixture, sculptures, flooring, and all that gorgeous marble!

I love how dramatic that huge black & white picture is. Such a clean, serene lap pool!

Can I just move in? They actually do have condos at this hotel for sale!

I die for a beautiful bathroom! I adore the sconces, the marble, the clean lines!

And for dinner, hubbie made reservations at the fairly new Henri.

Love the elaborate crown molding, the understated but beautiful color & pattern of the upholstery, and the luxurious drapes and light fixtures. Ah! I’m such a sucker for beautiful decor.

I feel really good stepping into my thirties today. I’m more in love with hubbie than ever, I have an adorable little girl that brings so much laughter into our lives, I have amazing family and friends and overall, there is just so much to be thankful for. I’m excited to see what the next 10 years will bring…


  1. Both places are absolutely gorgeous! Oh my goodness– so classy! I really wish I was you right now. Happy thirtieth birthday!

  2. OMG amazing …to die for hotel….!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I come too!…LOL Im dreading my 30’s but in a way excited too…..after all 2 out of 3 kardashians are 30 and their HOT! Happy 30th!

  3. Happy 30th birthday! What a truly wonderful way to celebrate!

  4. Happy birthday! What a fun way to celebrate! I think some of my favorite times with the hubs have been staycations :)

  5. Awww for some reason I feel as if congratulations as well as Happy Birthday are in order! So much to be thankful for on your big 3-0! I can see why you’re obsessed with the Elysian…have so much fun and a fabulous day!

  6. Happy birthday! I turned 30 last month and it def feels strange. It sounds like you have a wonderful evening ahead of you :)

  7. Happy Birthday! You’ll have to come to our next get together. Adding you to my reader and can’t wait to read more posts.

  8. Happy Birthday!! Looks like a perfect way to enter into your 30’s.

  9. Happy Happy Birthday!!! You have such and amazing outlook — and i’m SO GLAD you rocked the lavender dress! =) Have a happy holiday!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. Happy Birthday! Thanks for allowing us to share in your fabulous adventures!

  11. Aww How sweet! Happy Bday! That hotel is too fab! Don’t know when I’ll ever be able to step foot in a place like that! xD

  12. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30s- the last 3 years have been amazing! So much better than the 20s!

  13. Happy Birthday! That hotel looks amazing…what a fab and fashionable way to celebrate the start of a new decade! xo

  14. happy birthday beauty!!!


  15. What a gorgeous hotel & a great place to welcome in a new decade! Happy birthday!

  16. Sounds Divine! Be sure to post about your attire.

  17. Wow!! Looks like u r going to have a fabulous time!!! Seriously, the decor is to die for! Happy 30th!! :)

  18. happy birthday jiye!!!!

    sounds like a fabulous celebration!!!!

  19. Happy Birthday! Have fun!

  20. hotels robes n me says:

    happy bday you geezer. enjoy the massage too. sounds like your husband really outdid himself.
    looks like you found yourself a real keeper. if i could be so lucky and find such a great guy.

  21. Happy Birthday to you!! What a beautiful hotel and such a sweet hubby you have!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  22. Wow what a romantic and thoughtful hubby…plus generous babysitter you’ve got there : ) Happy birthday and enjoy your special day!

  23. Happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day!

  24. Happy Birthday Jiye! I think the lavendar dress was gorgeous and a great choice. And that birthday celebration sounds fantastic, enjoy!

  25. Amazing hotel!!

    Happy Birthday to you!

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  26. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful time at that amazing hotel!

  27. Gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday dear:-)

  28. omg, this place looks amazing. HAVE A BLAST! and lol to ray’s (i assume?) comment! ;) xoxo

  29. how was it??! post an update please.. happy happy birthday!

  30. happy birthday sweetie!! what an AMAZING gift!!! :)

  31. Happy Birthday! That hotel looked amazing!

  32. Happy Birthday! My 30th is coming up in a few months – I’m dreading it. :-(

  33. Happy birthday!! That hotel looks breathtaking. Hope you had fun! :)

  34. Happy belated birthday!

  35. happy belated birthday! what a gorgeous hotel! lucky girl! :)

  36. wow, such a lucky girl!! the hotel looks amazing and i’m in love with their decorations too. happy birthday girl!!

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