Snip snip + an oldie but goodie!

I jumped on the big shoulder trend back in the spring. I bought the shirt from ZARA and loved the contrast of the casual t-shirt with the drama of the shoulder pads and the sequins. Unfortunately, the shoulder pads on top of my already sizable shoulders gave me the physique of a linebacker (not the look I was going for.) So, a few days ago, I decided to cut the shoulder pads off and voila! So much more wearable and flattering!

The remains. RIP linebacker look!
 Zara t-shirt, Paige denim cutoffs (a Nordstrom Rack find!), Martin & Osa snakeskin sandals, Prada mini backpack circa 2001.
I was thrilled to see that backpacks (think dainty, not sporty) are coming back in style! I used to carry this backpack around to classes almost 10 years ago (oh gosh, has it really been that long?) when I was in college.  So what if my books didn’t fit inside? At least I looked cute! ;)  I used to sell a lot of my old bags on ebay so I’m glad I had the foresight to save this one. Especially as a mom on the go, carrying a backpack and being hands free sounds very appealing!
What did you save from back in the day that you are totally loving now?


  1. Hi! Recently came across your blog– it’s wonderful! Lots of cool style tips and fun fashions. But I was confused by your post about looking like a linebacker? You look so slim and delicate in all the photos. Could I ask how tall you are? I’m 5’3 and was wondering if some of the styles like Tucker would look the same on me if you’re a lot taller. Thanks for blogging!

  2. …I didn’t save anything yet..but I’m so glad my mom did save her cloths of when she was young…because I love vintage and her old wardrobe is my wonderland !!!! :)

  3. Lisa: Thanks! I meant that I looked like I had the shoulders of a linebacker with the shoulder pads on the shirt. The picture was taken after I cut them off so it looks normal. :) I’m 5’6. Hope that helps!

    CoffeeBlooms: You’re so lucky your mom saved stuff. My mom had some ridiculously cute things too but didn’t save a thing! :(

  4. I dont think I saved anything wearable.
    My prom dress but I cant get in it. :(
    It’s very Molly Ringwald pink.

    PS. I love how you do the baby fashion on your blog. Great idea and she is an adorable little model.

  5. Hi Jiye – thanks for stopping by my blog! Always great to find a fellow Chicago blogger :) Loving what I see here and your daughter is such a cutie!! Hope to see you around!

  6. my super bell bottom levi jeans – you never know when they’ll make a comeback. or not. ;)

  7. It’s also my mum’s closet for me….she’s got vintage LV bag collection and a Burberry trench she wore back when she was 20. She’s also got a treasure chest of gorgeous jewelry….and won’t let me touch any of it! She said it’s for my viewing pleasure only :(. Mean mum.

  8. Love the look, darling!


  9. Janny: Bell bottoms are back woman!! Bust them out!

    Sarah: Drool. I’ve gotten 1 vintage LV from my mom but she threw out all of the cute clothes! :(

  10. my chambray shirt!! i can’t believe they are back but the more and more i see it i love it!

  11. I can imagine the shoulder pads and I think it looks great without! Definitely more appropriate for the casual look with backpack and flip flops. Great outfit!

  12. I can’t believe I’m a decade past college too. Crazy!

  13. Glad to see you sent those shoulder pads back to the 80’s! lol… everything in moderation, right? I LOVE that shirt!

  14. love the hair! so cute!

  15. Soulder pads can make one look odd – especially if one is delicate and thin. I always remove shoulder pads, too. Reminds me that I have to do so with my winter coat before it gets colder.
    Have a nice week and look after your pretty self.

  16. Hi, yes, I do love the H&M top. I initially wanted it when I saw all three of the styles but couldn’t find an XS in either of the florals so opted for the animal print one. I wanted it so badly, I went to get it in S, which is loose but that’s okay, I still like it!

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