Saks 2013 Friends and Family Sale

Saks Fifth Avenue friends and family sale starts now!!
code: FRNFAM2
deal: 25% off
ends: sunday, 4/28


  1. I saw this on Instagram and rushed to your blog to visit the sale only to find out they have about 100 designer exclusions. SO annoying!! Oh well, Thanks for the heads up. You are the best :)


  2. Mary: I know!! I just realized that after I posted it…especially sad on the rockstud pumps!!

  3. Haha I did the same to see if I can get a discoutn on my wedding shoes! Luckily, I have a gf who works for Saks! I have shoe envy of anyone who owns those valentino rockstud pumps..

  4. hyej: I have that same shoe envy too. I know a girl who got them for her wedding shoes! You should too!! Does your friend work at Saks corporate? I have a friend there too!

  5. yep, she works at the corporate office in NY. I bought a pair of jimmy choos for my wedding shoes :)

  6. hyej: Ooh how exciting! What dept is she in? My friend works there too…but in the mens dept I think. Wonder if they know each other.

  7. she actually might work in men’s.. i think! her name is eunice! she started there recently. she used to work for bloomies. they probably do know each other, or will eventually!

  8. hyej: Small world! My friend’s name is Sandra.

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