Recent Look: Stripes + My Favorite Mini

J.Crew sweater vest and belt, Anthropologie camisole, Aritzia mini, Gap city flats, Chloe bag, Nashelle earrings and necklace, turquoise bracelet (from the Philippines)
I bought this sweater vest for my mom (when I personal shopped for her in July) but she didn’t end up wearing it much. So, she offered it to me the other day. Why thank you kindly!
I paired the vest with my favorite, super versatile bandage mini from Aritzia. I got the skirt in a size 6 (I normally wear a 2) so it wouldn’t be skin tight a la Herve Leger. This way, it’s not as offensive when worn in the daytime, it’s more lenient on your undergarments, and a lot more comfortable!
There she is again! Isn’t Ethel cute?
I really couldn’t be bothered to blow dry my hair most days so I’m usually sporting some kind of bun or ponytail. Here’s the messy side bun I’ve been wearing a lot as of late.

 Have you ever given a gift only to take it back later? I want to hear your stories!


  1. I love your sweater vest and skirt!

  2. Awww I love the pics – u look chic as always! :) I never get back what I wanted back because my sis lives in AR! :(

  3. Love the striped vest! Hey, if she wasn’t wearing it – someone should! :)

  4. thank you for dropping by my blog. i love yours!! you got an amazing style. chic, comfortable, and pretty!

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes and coming to say hi! Really love your blog and following it now! ♥

  6. my sisters and i do that all the time… my mom too… thats also why we give great gifts because they might get handed down to us!
    cute outfit!


  7. you look adorable. I love the vest. And I do the same with those bandage skirts from Aritzia, I love them but they are a bit tight to my liking so I always size up.

  8. your bandage mini may not be offensive but using the phrase Indian Giver is. So much was taken away from them and to toss the phrase so casually is demoralizing – IMO.

  9. Hi Jiye! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I totally love your side messy bun. I try and try but I can never get it right :(

  10. I don’t think you’re an Indian giver. It is not like you did the taking back. Hehehe.

    Just Better Together

  11. I love the outfit! I never know how to wear bandage skirts but yours is perfect!

  12. Ethel is beyond cute!! And she goes perfect with your outfit. Love the look! xo

  13. I love your striped top!

  14. Hmm…maybe I’ll try that. Find something I like, give it as a gift, and wait for them to give it back to me. :)

    The Auspicious Life

  15. I am so envious that you can wear things like this, England is getting cold now so I’m stuck wearing layers and more layers and a few layers on top. I love the striped top, I wasn’t into stripes until a friend started wearing them and I got clothing envy and bought a few tops. They’re flattering and fun.

  16. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love this outfit, and you look great in stripes! XOXO,

  17. I love that sweater. I also love stealing things from my mom when she doesn’t wear them enough! What a great idea to belt it, it looks really great :0) I’m a new follower!

  18. Anonymous: I really apologize. I should have given it more thought. I’m taking it off the post. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.

  19. This look is really nice! It looks great on you :)

    And to answer your question: YES. Multiple times. I spent ages looking for the perfect present for my sister when I visited the Philippines, on to have the floral top given back to me because it “makes me look fat”.

  20. love the bag and your hair’s so cute!

  21. Love the sweater! Is it bad if I sometimes give my mom ‘gifts’ that I know I will use so much that she will go ahead and let me have it? LOL! that does sound kind of bad.

  22. I’ve bought gifts and kept them for myself plenty of times! I also agree that the hair looks great!

  23. aww i love the stripes! Sometimes I steal (with permision!) my moms clothes and then give them back.. haha does that count? =)

    Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons

  24. Super cute!! I love the sweater vest although I’m not a fan of them on myself. And that bag is adorb!!

  25. Haha, I love that you named your bag!

  26. I love the stripes and the Chloe bag is so cute! I have never worn a cross-body smaller size bag before – might be persuaded to try one now…

  27. You look cute and comfy!

  28. this striped top is too cute and i love the way it looks with this little mini. nice call on getting it a few sizes too big and wearing it as a looser skirt. it looks so lovely on you!!

  29. I bought my Mom a sequin top for xmas. Only I took it back to wear it as a mini dress=)

  30. Maybe Indian Giver is not very PC to say, but I don’t think you meant it as anything, it’s just a phrase or idiom, that a lot of us hear… I don’t think she meant to demoralize anyone.. I know I used to say it when I was a kid…

    The phrase is not a nice one to use, but I think her intentions of trying to explain something were honest and true.. but I never thought about it until now…the phrase, where it came from….

    Having said that… are you still in Asia? It’s just starting to cool off here.. leaves are turning.. upper 60’s here in Tokyo today.

  31. You are such a cute mom! it looks comfortable yet stylish!
    vanilla with sprinkles

  32. I have a red pair of city flats and I love them, they look great with your outfit. :)
    Yes, I have definitely given many things to my Mom, all pieces I thought she would like, only to have them given back.

  33. steak and french fries says:

    this one time i received a beautiful pug for christmas. then it was taken back and given away by that same person.

  34. I love this look! My mother, sister and I seem to give and take back gifts all the time. Always in a friendly, you’ll-get-more-out-of-this-than-me type way.

  35. lovely x hivennn.

  36. What a cute outfit! Definitely looks comfortable. And messy side-buns always look great!

  37. Cute. I love stripes. Nice casual but chic look.

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