Recent Look: Silk Shorts

On Mommy: Gap t-shirt & blazer, Madewell shorts & sandals, J.Crew and Hermes bracelets, Goyard bag
On A: Gingersnaps top, Target leggings, Salt-water sandals

I had the chance to check out a Madewell store when I was out in LA. Visiting the store (instead of just shopping online) made me love the brand even more! I ended up buying stuff for next summer too, in the hopes that I’ll lose all the baby weight by then.

Do you ever buy clothes that are too small to force yourself to lose weight?



  1. All the weight you’ve put on??? Are you kidding? You look FABULOUS! Wow, sexy mummah!

    And yes, I’ve bought clothes a bit too tight knowing I will fit into them again. Usually it works, but I’m finding it harder and harder to lose the weight!


  2. how fashionable! A is so cute!!! and your hawaii pics are fab~

  3. Super cute! I’m loving the sandals – I was tempted to buy them and now I think you’ve successfully pushed me over. ;)

  4. You look great ….Your belly is really starting to pop! So cute! and OMG A looks sooooo big!!

  5. You look adorable!

    I tend to buy clothes thinking that they do actually fit, but then they shrink (or I enlarge!) shortly after. Then I vow to lose weight. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom’s Closet

  6. Hana, I have another post with a close up of the shoes. My sis and I both bought them! Love how they have just the teeniest wedge!

  7. haha yes- but it didn’t work! ha.

    How have you been feeling? Looking Fabulous!! When’s your due date?

  8. So cute!! I LOVE the color of your shorts. I am a sucker for anything in the green family! Your little belly is adorable! I bet your daughter is so excited!! :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    You look great, and A. is always adorable.
    It’s good motivation to visualize yourself wearing the smaller set clothes. And post-baby weight usually drops off faster with nursing– Mother Nature’s way to fast-track things {note: this isn’t an attack on anyone who decides to nurse or use formula}.

  10. OMG…could you be more of an adorable preggers lady! You are just too beautiful..

    Yes..after I had my son..I went on a shopping splurge and bought 2 Nicole Miller dresses…in my pre baby size (I literally had to SQUEEZE myself in them) but I did get back into them in a few was a definite motivator..and NOW they are both a little big ….YIPPEE!

  11. you look so fabulous, jiye! love your shorts and a is getting so big! I have a white couch- I covered it in outdoor fabric that feels like indoor because of the amount of red wine and parties we throw. Not one accident in two years ;)

  12. yey to silk shorts!! i got a pair at aritzia and love it!

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