Recent Look: Meet The Parents

I snapped this quick pic of my parents before they headed off to some event. My mom looked beautiful in her Elie Tahari dress and J.Crew necklace (both personal shopper items I purchased for her in July.) I felt like Rachel Zoe watching Demi Moore walk the red carpet. She killed it! :)
Speaking of Rachel Zoe, she has the best job ever! How fun would it be to dress A-list celebrities for the Oscars?? And I’m so happy for her that she’s prego! Oh and speaking of, is anyone else watching Giuliana and Bill? It’s heartbreaking to watch her struggle to conceive and honestly, so brave of her to share her story so publicly. I really hope she gets pregnant soon!


  1. You parents look stunning! And you could definitely dress celebs!

  2. Your parents are so classy! Is that the J.Crew pastiche? Love! You did well Rach haha I heart that your dad is wearing a barong like shirt ;)

  3. Love the look! And yes, I watch G&B- it is heartbreaking, they’re so brave to put it all on tv I don’t think I could.

  4. Roxy: Yup! J.Crew pastiche! And living in the Philippines, you can get away with wearing a barong to work or formal occasions and it’s so much more comfy than a suit, so he wears a barong to work and events 90% of the time! He loves them!

  5. They are two cute! I am also happy for Rachel Zoe. I watch G&B and love seeing chicago but its hard to watch sometimes b/c I feel like I am watching something too personal! I hope they get pg soon!

  6. Your mom is seriously shutting it down in that dress. She is absolutely stunning! And G&B is one of my faves…my heart breaks for them every week to watch their struggle.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

  7. shut the front door that dress is bananas! Lol great find your mom looks so fab! ;)

  8. wow, that dress looks stunning on your mom!! you should get into doing personal shopping for people. you’re a pro already!

  9. your parents are amazing

    Just Better Together

  10. Your mom looks great! And your dad doesn’t look too shabby himself :)

    I saw a few episodes of Giuliana and Bill last season (?) and thought they are so adorable together. I’ve heard about her struggles with pregnancy and wish them all the best. Although is it true that the dr told her to gain weight because it’ll help but she hasn’t?

  11. awwwwwww! they are so cute! =) stylish just like their daughter =)

  12. They’re so cute! And very classy too – you’re a great stylist :-)

  13. They look gorgeous together ! How lucky is your mum to have her own Zoe ????

    Caro xxx

  14. Having a stylish mom is the best! Gotta love being able to share clothes, right?

  15. What a lovely couple!!! Your dad is handsome in his barong!!!

  16. your parents always look so classy and happy! :) your mom has such a good daughter as a personal shopper!

  17. What a great pic of your parents. They look so fancy and so young too!

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