Recent Look: Leopard Scarf Saves The Day!

It was about to be another super boring outfit day when the leopard scarf came to save the day!

 I’m wearing my Gap legging jeans (aka jeggings). I like these because they’re stretchy, comfy, and have a higher waistline (good for mommies with pooches that have muffin top tendencies, not that I suffer from either. ahem ahem!) Although I’m still loyal to my J Brand skinnies for days I’m actually trying to look presentable, I find myself reaching for these jeggings again and again for when I’m running around with A.Here we are off to dance class.

Gap leopard scarf, Aritzia cardigan, Anthropologie cami, Gap jeggings, Gap city flats, Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag


  1. A scarf is a great essential to jazz up a mommy outfit. Cute scarf. I love your tiny ballerina.:)

  2. The leopard scarf really does make the outfit pop a little more. Of course, you can’t beat that Louis Vuitton, either. :) Little A is so darling, headed off to dance. She’s a young fashionista in the making, I can tell.
    You look great! From the shots, I would NEVER be able to tell that those are jeggings; I thought they were jeans.

  3. So cute! As ALWAYS! I totally couldn’t tell those were jeggings either. Now I want a pair.

  4. The scarf makes the outfit. Love it! I can’t wait to start rotating my scarves in, but it’s been so hot in Richmond lately I’ve been avoiding them thus far.

  5. The jeggings looks super comfy and I just saw the leopard scarf in Gap’s Lucky most wanted styles – very cute. Dance class – A is adorable, the dance classes in our area don’t start til Madi’s 2 yrs old – can’t wait!

  6. the leopard scarf definitely amped up your outfit to glamorous! i think i need to invest in one too now… :)


  7. I have a leopard scarf hanging from my camel bag right now! You look classic yet trendy… but I must say, the greatest accessory is by far your pretty little ballerina, a fashionista in the making for sure ;)

  8. Ballerina inspired shoes and your comfy jeggings is such an appropriate way to send your daughter off for ballet! The leopard scarf just ends a really sophisticated look to it, love !
    I started ballet when I was 3 and didn’t stop until I was about 19! I hope she continues!

  9. thanks for dropping by my blog <3 i'm no good with eyeshadows either :S *thinks hard of what colors to pair with the pale Burberry eyeshadow* lol

    love the leopard print, it’s awesome for fall season!

  10. loovvveee the leopard scarff!! and your daughter…omg…PRECIOUS!!!

  11. Your daughter is so cute! I might have to go to Gap now to try on some of those jeggings. They look great!

  12. Your outfit looks so comfy yet stylish! Makes me wish I had purchased the blue and black leopard print scarf I saw over the weekend =( Love the jeggings, hope my local GAP has it. Love everything including the darling little girl.

    Hope you’ll come follow my blog, I just started the world of mommy blogging

  13. You look great! I love the scarf and A’s leggings too :)

  14. A scarf can fix any outfit!

    Just Better Together

  15. Love the scarf. Simple but chic and perfect outfit!

  16. I’ve been thinking of getting a scarf just like that! Your outfit looks perfectly put together, Love it!

  17. i scored my own red/black leopard scarf last yr from zara (for a steal) and im dying to wear them again (ugh – we’re still in the humid 90s here)!!!

  18. Love little A’s pink dance outfit!

    I also love your outfit – it’s very simple and classic – my favourite dressing style. Great scarf too!

  19. love the scarf! i need to pick up some new scarves for fall :)

  20. I don’t know..I think that baby’s the best accessory, BUT I’m a sucker for animal print, and you made a great call. She shoots, she scores!

  21. Love that scarf, it’s the perfect glam addition to your casual chic outfit! Cute little ballerina, too! :)


  22. Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I’m not usually an animal print kind of person, but that scarf looks great! Also, your daughter is SO adorable!

  23. Love the gap jeggings! They sooooo comfyyy.

  24. You look so cute! I really like throwing on scarves to dress up casual outfits too.

  25. I agree, the leopard scarf made the outfit! A is so cute in her ballerina outfit =)

  26. Love this look! I am going to have to get that leopard scarf!

  27. I fold my gap legging jeans too – they are the most softest and comfortable skinny jeans for sure.

  28. I love love love that scarf!!! How long ago did you buy it? I am wondering if they have any left…

  29. I nearly bought a leopard scarf at H&M today then chocked…I regret it now !

    Your A baby looks so sweet in her little ballerina costume !

    Caro xxx

  30. Love the leopard print scarf! Yep, I totally know what you mean by “muffin top”, only mommies would understand lol. Loose tops are my best friends ever since having a kid!!

  31. I love how a scarf or jacket can just make an outfit.

  32. I’m in love with my LV neverfull handbag as well!

    <3, natasha

  33. I am about to soon break out my scarf… it’s getting very nippy and fall like.. burrr…. although, I think I might trade my in for something fluffy and perhaps even, furry (faux).

    haha at the muffin top… I made that comment to the Mr. that he was trending a muffin top recently… he had NO idea what I was talking about and came home with… a..muffin… I wonder if men half listen to what we are saying…selectively…

  34. I a scarf just like that except it’s in shiny silk so less full… easy chic look~ by the way I love your little girl~~~ ^ ^

  35. Anna: I got the scarf about a month ago. Hope you find one!

  36. I’m a big fan of the scarf, and comfy jeans too. You look gorgeous always. So does your little girl.

  37. love the scarf
    come follow xo

  38. LOVE the scarf! It makes me mad I didn’t pick it up when my local store had it a month ago. It def. makes the outfit!

  39. oohh.. i need me some jeggings from gap!

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