Recent Look: Family business

on baby A: Babystyle top, Gingersnaps (Filipino brand) shorts, Crocs
on A’s mommy: Muji top, Club Monaco shorts, Gap city flats, J.Crew and Nashelle necklaces, Louis Vuitton handbag
on A’s granny: Michael by Michael Kors dress (personal shopper item), Tory Burch flats, Chanel handbag

A’s a thumbsucker. Any tips on when and how I should try to minimize this behavior?

My sis and I playing around with the camera while our parents (on the left) watch both kids.

It’s been so nice being here with my family but we miss daddy! What’s the longest you’ve been away from a loved one? How did you cope?



  1. What a beautiful family!! :)

  2. What an awesome personal shopper she has :)

    Hope your having an amazing time! How long are you there?

    Jasper and I have been apart from my husband a few different times for a few weeks while we were on vacation while he had to work. I think it was always a lot harder for him since he would come home to an empty house and we would be having so much fun with family!

  3. you all have such great style :)

  4. Beautiful family!

  5. All 3 generations are so stylish! A looks adorable in that red top.

    I hate having the kids away from their daddy…which is why we’ve accompanied him on this current 3 week business trip LOL!

  6. you mom and baby are too kute!!

  7. Looks like the weather there is fabulous! We’ve been without Daddy now for almost 4 weeks with a little over 5 months to go. It’s tough but phone calls and skype help. That and keeping busy and having sweet family & friends to help with visits and phone calls.

  8. Your mother is beautiful!

    <3, natasha @ twenty-something blog

  9. steak and french fries says:

    daddy misses you guys too

  10. Beautiful family! I knew your mom was super stylish!

    Just Better Together

  11. I sucked my thumb as a child–my mom finally wrapped my hands in these lightweight cloth gloves (shaped like boxing gloves) so I couldn’t put my thumb in mouth at night. She says that was the first step towards curing me of the habit. Good luck!

  12. Beautiful family! The dress you bought for your Mom looks great on her.

  13. Those Tory Burch flats are awesome! And your mom looks great in that dress.

    I don’t really have alot of advice on the thumbsucking. Both of mine had pacifiers. I encouraged them over the thumb because I knew I could take them away but I couldn’t take the thumb away. :/

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!!

  14. three generations of loveliness!!!

    how was the flight???

  15. Beautiful family photo:)

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  16. your mom is seriously the best dressed grandma out there!

  17. What a lovely family!You look really stylish today and I like your hair very much.The longer I stayed away frommy husband was this summer visiting my parents and it was 3 weeks. I had my kids with me,all 3 of them!

  18. lovely outfit, you look great, love the stripes!


  19. I think the longest so far is about 6 months. We haven’t been through a USMC deployment yet and that will probably mark the longest we are apart. It’s hard but keeping as busy as possible seems to help. Friends, Family, Work, and Projects do the trick… If I had to I’d wait forever! (though I sure don’t want to!)

    Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons

  20. swankychicfete: The flight was actually fine! We lucked out with an extra seat so she had her own seat, which made all the difference!!!

  21. What a cute family you have! I love that park picture too.

  22. Hey, what size is your never full? Mm or Gm?

  23. Not a thumbsucker, but after moving to Japan… I can’t fit everyone into one trip….and if it’s a business trip… sometimes, I don’t bother because it’s so sort, and with a 16 hour fight… I’m always fighting jet lag… sooo the longest.. a few years… but my husband and I never spent a night apart really… we are hitched to the hips..

  24. AintIGorgeous: Hi! I have the GM, the biggest one. It is huge but I need it carrying toddler stuff around.

  25. I was thinking about the GM .. it looks great on you! I’m only 5″2.. it might be a little too big on me.

  26. Wow, you’re mom is so chic! Bravo grandmother!
    As far as the thumbsucking, she won’t go to college sucking her thumb, and if she does? C’est la vie, right?
    Enjoy the rest of your trip

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