Recent Look: Fair Isle Sweater

After searching for months, I finally found a fair isle sweater I liked at Zara. I like the cozy color palette and the roomy fit. It’s a great sweater to throw on when running around with A because it’s comfortable, warm and on trend. My favorite part are the suede elbow patches! I already liked the sweater on the rack, but once I saw the elbow patches, I was sold!
A wanted to take a pic together on this stool. Here she is in her Gap parka and Old Navy boots.

BTW…a shoutout to Sydney from The Daybook for her tutorial on the bun hairdo I’m sporting. I already wore my hair in a bun a lot prior to watching this but she had some good tips in there that were helpful! Plus, who doesn’t love her blog?

So…what’s an item you’ve been searching for? A sequin skirt? A statement necklace? A shearling lined leather jacket (a la Burberry Prorsum)? Any luck? Share your stories!!


  1. Hello elbow patches! You had me at the sweater, but it was a done deal when I saw the patches! Crispy pata, mmm :) Are you back yet?

  2. You both look great! I love your sweater :)

  3. Love the elbow patches!

  4. You and your little girl is so cute!! I love sweaters with elbow patches~
    vanilla with sprinkles

  5. That’s an adorable sweater!! and I love that picture of you and your little one!

  6. I really like the elbow patches too! I noticed that a lot of my sweaters, the elbows are almost always the first to go.

    Just Better Together
    I am going to test my link too.

  7. Check out this rockin mother/daughter high fashion duo! You two are so adorable. So adorable! (I even had to say it twice.)
    Love the sweater and the elbow patches.

  8. Same here! Love the sweater but am sold by the elbow patches! i will definitely be checking out Zara soon!

  9. Hmm, did that link above work? I clicked it and it worked for me. Do you have trouble with all my links I leave in your comments?

    justbettertogether at gmail dot com
    Just Better Together

  10. Justine: no, your links work but when I leave you a comment, my link doesn’t work. help!

  11. I miss Zara!!! There aren’t any Zaras in Michigan (at least not where I am).

    What I’m searching for? Hmm…I’m always on the look out for chunky knit sweaters- usually of the grandma variety, or so I’m told :)

  12. Hi Jiya! Thanks for the post on my spider’s web photo. You’re so sweet. I’ve never seen your blog before…so I’m glad you posted! I really love your style! I’m glad you gave a shout-out to the Daybook. We were neighbors in Rexburg for a while…she’s so sweet and has the coolest blog! Thanks again! {I’m your newest follower!}

  13. the elbows patches TOTALLY make the sweater! And could she be any cuter in her little parka?! Oh my goodness…xo

  14. I love this sweater!! The fair isle pattern is beautiful and the elbow patches are a definite bonus! Your daughter is too adorable in her little parka. And your top-knot looks gorgeous!

  15. such a great sweater! it’s so great for the season :)

  16. I likey. Was trying to find something similar in a big chunky cardigan style. And I’m a daybook fan, too! I think my hair is too long for the bun though. ;)

  17. Love the sweater! Love Zara- I cannot wait to be able to start wearing non-maternity soon!

  18. love the sweater! And your daughter is too cute!

  19. You two are so cute!

  20. toothpicks and Q-tips says:

    love the post. keep it going. fighting!

  21. love that sweater in this weather I need one asap!

  22. Lovely pics!

  23. love the outfit! I’ve been looking for tall over the knee flat boots for slim calves but I haven’t had any success.

    Do you have any recommendations??

  24. the bun looks awesome. The sweater is my favorite. I’ve been looking for a smaller figure I still haven’t found it yet. Apparently it’s not hiding in the donut box.

  25. Um yeah, love it! Especially the elbow patches!

  26. LOVE this sweater. The elbow patches make it even more amazing. I just might have to get me one of these! Love the blog!


  27. LOVE your sweater!!!!!!!!!!!! Your daughter is sooooo cute too!!!!

  28. love the sweater! we must be on the same wavelength b/c i picked up [yet another] striped sweater w/elbow patches at zara last month.

    i love the daybook too! :)

  29. Such a cute mommy and baby girl!!! She’s precious!

  30. Elbow patches, yes! I’m so glad that trend is catching on! I just bought a cardigan last week with elbow patches, and I’m so excited to wear it!

  31. love the patches and bun.. and A looks adorable as ever!

  32. Those elbow patches = love.

  33. hi, jiye! thanks for commenting my blog, you have a nice blog anyway (:

    wow,you are a sooo gorjess mom for your little girl, i love your newa sweater, looks so comfy.
    your girl looks adorable! how old is she? :D

    mind to follow?
    have a nice day (:


  34. Oh my, you and your daughter are absolutely adorable!

    Kristine. Or Polly

  35. Sorry Zara is not Fair Isle. The authentic hand-knit Fair Isle is made by Shetland ladies but everything else is “Fair Isle inspired” – in another word, FAKE. If this were Hermes or Dolce and Gabbana or Alexander McQueen or Ralph Lauren their corporate solicitors would be all over trade mark infringement. But, no, these are elderly ladies whose work inspires the global fashion industry yet who receive absolutely nothing in ‘royalties’ and as a result of where these items are made 1. adversely impact Britain’s economy and 2. are likely to ensure that with this generation a great cultural icon of British fashion resigns itself to museums.

    I find it incredible that in our style and label conscious world we’ve not an iota of reverence for the authentic, the original, the painstakingly crafted (over 100 hours goes into the creation of a single handknit jumper). No other corporate entity but Thistle & Broom offers these pieces of art to wear, most of the products offered (even directly from Fair Isle) are hand-frame knitted rather than handknit.

    I wonder if Victoria Beckham understands that when she wears an Alexander McQueen it’s a knock-off not the real thing, i.e. authentic Fair Isle. What a difference she might make to the future of this small cottage industry. Sadly, by and large the media continues to cover their advertisers rather than promote octogenarian hand-knitters.

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