Recent Look: Chicago Food Tour

On Mommy: Aritzia sweater, American Eagle vest, J Brand jeans, Aldo boots, Hermes and J.Crew bracelets, Tag Heuer watch
On A: Northface fleece, Old Navy pants

My cousins were visiting from LA this past weekend and we ate our way through Chicago. Buffalo Joe’s wings, Jim’s polish, Gino’s East deep dish pizza (their request), Avec and Hot Dougs (pictured below).
Yes, that is foie gras on that hot dog.

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy any of the specialty hot dogs that much. I liked all the regular hot dogs best! What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? And did you enjoy it?


  1. Mmm my big pregnancy craving is hot dogs! With mustard, lots of onions and dill relish to be precise! That pic is a preggo momma’s dream :)

  2. I miss Chicago food! Portillo’s is my fav!

  3. mmmm I have never been to hot dougs! I know I would prefer the regular hot dogs for sure. Those fries look awesome!

  4. I love that close-up shot of you, you look so pretty! These pictures of you with your daughter are so very sweet.

    I’m not very adventurous with food. I’m a vegetarian and have a tendency to worry if there is meat hidden in things!

  5. you are such a beauty! and i totally love those yoga poses your little one was doing in the last post! hysterical!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Was thinking the same. Love your skin. Would you share what your beauty routine or what products you use. I’m sorry if that’s too personal, then pls disregard.

  7. ALl that food looks so good! Love the fur vest on you – you wear it well!

  8. Peyton’s Mom: I love portillos! Do you miss italian beefs??

  9. Melissa & Selina: Thanks!! Blushing…

    Anonymous: Not too personal at all! I’ll definitely do a post on it soon! To be honest, there are a few products I love and everything else, I just try different things each time.

  10. i am so glad that i discovered your blog today! i love your sense of style and i feel like we share a lot of common interests! i used to be in merchandising too ;) and your daughter is cute a button!

    can’t wait to read more…


  11. I’m with you; I like straight up hot dogs the best. So delicious already! Why mess with success?

    Call Me Ishmael

  12. I eat my hotdogs plain with ketchup. I’m not too fancy either.

    The strangest food I’ve eaten? I’ll get back to you on that.

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  13. I’m getting so much good use out of that vest (day/night/whatever), thank you!

    I’m so intrigued by the foie gras topped Hot Doug, but the place seems kinda far away from the city – would you go back w/me if I visit??

  14. hi jiye! of course i remember you (and i remember seeing your daughter’s nursery on ohdeedoh way back when.) your daughter is gorgeous, congrats!

    my boys keep me too busy to do albums anymore, sadly. i really enjoyed doing them. (and i will never forget your gorgeous wedding. one of my favorite albums for sure.)

  15. BEAUTY!! And I love your little vest; so chic!

  16. love the outfit! you’re making such good use of the fur vest!

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