Recent Look: Can you tell I love Tucker for Target??

On mommy: Tucker for Target dress, Forever 21 studded belt, Aldo motorcycle boots, Nashelle initial necklace, Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag
On A: Gingersnaps (Filipino brand) top, American Apparel cardigan, BabyGap leggings, Old Navy boots
I love the contrast of the feminine floral print with the rocker studded belt and motorcycle boots.
After I took the picture above on the stool, A insisted on taking a pic in the stool as well!
Close up of belt looping thing
We were on our way out to brunch with a friend visiting from out of town. Love brunch!
Sorry if these pics aren’t the best quality. I am home alone with A most of the time so until she’s old enough to expertly handle my camera, the self timer will be my best friend. :) Who takes your pictures if you have a fashion blog?


  1. cute outfit and i love your little girl’s boots!

  2. Lovely outfits on both you and the little one! I make my husband take my pictures – poor guy!

  3. You are indeed the queen of Tucker for Target ;) Great outfit and A looks adorable in her little boots. So cute!

  4. That Tucker dress looks fabulous on you hun! …and I love thoes boots. I’ve been looking for a pair of flats for this season :)

    <3, natasha

  5. lovely, absolutely lovely!!

    yes, lindsay did the blog design. isn’t she a genius! she’s such a wonderful person to work with.

    congrats on the mtv mention. awesome!!!

  6. Aww she’s your mini me. SO cute!!! I am taking care of a toddler(boy) myself so pretty much busy all day. I really want a mini me too.

  7. Love your outfit!

  8. great outfit! love the floral prints and the boots on both you and a are just great :)

  9. Love those boots & they do look great mixed with the feminine dress!


  10. you do like Tucker for target collection!! ^^

    Congrats on the “best” tribe style~~~ CUTE!!

  11. oh très jolies photos, j’aime beaucoup ta robe fleurie, et le visage de cette petite fille, elle est magnifique…..

  12. I do love to see you both here! OMG she’s so cute!
    :* Kisses from Brasil!

  13. Love both outfits, soo cute! I wore mine with oxfords before it started getting cooler – I like the boots.

    I think there’s something charming about the self-timed shots, esp. when Little A’s involved! ;)

  14. both of you girls look adorable!!!

  15. You look stunning! I love that picture of her on the chair, you should totally blow that up and frame it! It’s such a great shot!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Loved your outfit! A is simply adorable.

  17. i like your blog)its stylish and interesting to read, hun=*

    i follow your blog
    and it will be great if you will read me too
    and follow me)

  18. love both of your looks. I adore brunch too! I miss that about living in the city. One of my favorites although crazy busy during brunch is milk and honey.

  19. you guys are looking so adorable!

  20. You and A look very fashionable, as always!

  21. So adorable! I love the boots that you have on. Your daughter is so cute…and the outfit that she has on is just too cute for words!

  22. The floral prints are so pretty! The mix of boots and a pretty dress is always a great combo.

  23. So glad we didn’t wear the dress on the same day! :) you guys look cute as always!

  24. Love mom that still takes time to be stylish and fashionable like you. Your daughter is very cute too:). Training her young huh:).

  25. whahhh…. I want to cry, there’s no target here = ( I think fashion doesn’t have to cost a bundle, I spend $ on accessories or statement pieces and get all my clothes on sale — wish target would come to Japan.

  26. SIGH. You look so adorable. You’ve inspired me to get that dress! Thanks for modeling it!

    Baby girl is so cute. If you lived closer, she could play with mine. :)

  27. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog so I could find yours!! You are adORable! And your sweet little munchkin just makes me want to have a baby RIGHT. NOW. oh, I can’t wait! You are the cutest. LOVE your style girl!

  28. Dress and belt look good together!
    And you grew up in the Philippines? I’m a Filipina! Unfortunately I can’t really speak Tagalog anymore :( Moved to NZ when I was only 6.

    Anyhoo, I’m now a follower :)

  29. the little one is absolutely adorable. Your outfit is beyond chic.


  30. Oh, your little angel is so cute! Can her daddy say no to her? I had a difficult time with that when my daughter was that age–it got easier as she got older. But she’s such a great girl, I don’t have to say no very often.

    You both look great. I love your daughter’s little boots and your’s are very nice too.

  31. OH I really really really like this dress! It’s so pretty. I think I’ll head over to Target today as well :)

    Just Better Togeter

  32. Oh goodness! Those pictures of you and A are precious! You both looks fabulous. Especially loving her sweet little cardigan, and the patterns on your dress! It’s so cute and cheery. I need to check out this Target line… And I totally recommend revisiting Plato’s Closet again! It’s so much fun, and way easier than thrifting, for sure.

  33. Fabulous outfits, both of you. And what a stylish little diva she is! Gorgeous :)

  34. Such cute pics of you and your daughter! And Tucker for Target is so great, yes!!

  35. the dress looks so good on you! i love how you paired it with the boots and belt!

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