Pleated Skirt

Old Navy top, Gap pleated skirt, Aldo Brendal boots, Cartier watch, Hermes and thrifted bracelet
I got this pleated skirt on clearance at Gap months and months ago and put off wearing it till now. I really dislike wearing skirts in the winter….too much hassle to deal with tights under the skirt. After becoming a mom, comfort has come to rank high on my priority list when getting dressed each morning. 
In other news, I’m absolutely loving my new IPAD! Oprah was right…it has revolutionized my life! I’ll be back soon with a post on some great apps for toddlers. If you have any great apps to recommend (kid related or not), please let me know!! This is my first apple product ever so I’m new to the world of apps.


  1. You and A look amazing as always!

  2. So cute! I love little A’s top too. I usually wear my winter skirts exactly like that – with black tights and my biker boots. ;)

    Have you picked up a pleated maxi for spring? I’m soo dying to wear something light and breezy, but it’s still a bit too cold here! xo

  3. Hana: Thanks! I’m dying for a nude-ish sheer mid calf length pleated skirt with bloomers underneath. but realistically, where can i wear such a thing??

  4. You both look gorgeous. And yes, an iPad/iPhone/iAnything will change your life. And you will wonder what you ever did without it!


  5. You are you rocking the black and white stripes! I love how A is longingly looking into your eyes :)

    I love the ipad 2! You may already have it but APPSTART is a handy go-to app. I like gilt, pandora, dropbox is great app for picture upload (w/o compromising the quality).. What’s your fav’s?

  6. So adorable!! I love the black and white!

  7. Very cute outfit! You both look so glowy and happy.

  8. Aww, this are such lovely photo of the two of you. She looks so adorable. My heart melted looking at her in the 2nd pic when she gazes at her mommy! how cute!!

  9. what an adorable photograph and you look lovely in that sweater – enjoy the iPad, I love mine :)

  10. adorable! as always :)



  12. Tina: I haven’t heard of appstart and will have to dl dropbox too!!

  13. grilled chix sandwich and 6 wings and diet DP says:

    the delivery guy just locked himself into that very stairwell. he was pounding on the door, and i didn’t know it was him until he called me asking me to open the door. so i finished my chicken wing, and then opened the door.

  14. Same here, I hardly bother with skirts/dresses in the cold season.

    Just Better Together

  15. You probably already know about
    her blog is crazy!

  16. You and A look so cute and stylish :)

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