Phillip Lim Studded Dress

My obsession with this studded Phillip Lim dress began 3 years ago.  I saw the white one on Michelle Williams and it had to be mine.  I liked the classic, feminine shape combined with the studs to give it some edge.  I knew the white wouldn’t be practical for me, especially to wear to weddings and was thrilled to find it came in navy as well.  I tried it on multiple times at multiple stores and fell more in love each time but in the end, I couldn’t bring myself to spend $600 on one dress, no matter how beautiful. 
Fast forward 3 years and I never did forget that dress.  For the six months following that summer, I stalked online sites to see if it would go on sale.  Then, here and there, I would search for it on ebay, even as recently as a couple of months ago.  
Then, last week, a friend emailed asking about how I sell old clothes online.  
Here is how the conversation went:
Friend: I have a Phillip Lim dress from 2-3 years ago, worn once, originally cost $600+
Me: What does it look like?? There was one from a couple yrs ago that I was obsessed with!!
Friend: It’s navy with studs covering the back.
Me: Ahhhhh!!!
What are the odds that this friend I just met recently was looking to sell the exact dress I was obsessing over, in exactly my size?  It was meant to be!
Now I just need an occasion to wear it.  Have you ever been obsessed with something that you never quite got over?


  1. Amazing dress! You look fab!

  2. THAT is AMAZING! And the dress looks fantastic on you. I’m happy for you! I hope you end up with tons of reasons to wear it!

  3. all. the. time! congrats on the find!!

  4. serendipity! haha. that’s awesome and it looks fab on you!

  5. I adored that dress when I first saw it! Yay for you nabbing it!! Great dress!

  6. That is such a lovely dress!
    From hats to heels

  7. lucky find! i just love that dress!!

  8. lucky find! i just love that dress!!

  9. looooooove the dress in that color! it’s so you! now we are going to have a fancy girls night so you can wear it out!

  10. What a lovely dress – and so amazing how it came into your life – it was totally meant to be!

  11. Beautiful outfit! I love the studded white one, perfect for wedding.

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  12. Great dress! I need friends like that!

  13. it was fate jiye.

    The dress looks awesome on you

  14. I LOVE this dress on you!! But I love the story more – ah, the THRILL of a victory! ;D

  15. So awesomely fortuitous!! I am completely obsessed with Reed Krakoff’s Boxer Tote and am so close to actually buying one. I do not want to pay full price or even half price but I love it so…

  16. One word: Birkin.

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