Personalized Gifts!

I got this idea from one of my favorite food blogs, Week of Menus. The mugs are from Anthropologie and inside, I packaged Pecan Rolo Pretzels. To package them, I put the sweets in a clear bag and tied with the twisties it comes with. I placed the bag of sweets in the mug and put the entire mug into a larger clear bag. I then tied the bag with red ribbon with a tiny red ornament.
I love how festive it looks! I got the idea to use tiny ornaments for gift wrapping from my sister in law. So cute!

These make great gifts for teachers! I absolutely love these mugs and bought 4 for our house as well. 



  1. Love this idea, super cute! And the hubs and I have those mugs :)

  2. We have those mugs too and I adore them! So cute and very well made! Cute idea!

  3. love those mugs! hubby and i also have a set together. what a cute and creative gift idea :))

  4. Anonymous says:

    i love my mug!

  5. Love the Anthropologie Mugs – I want 4 :-)

  6. u are so crafty :)

  7. awesome idea!

  8. Love these mugs, Jiye! We gave them out as favours at our wedding and people went crazy! Cute DIY project!:)

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