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This is my second official personal shopping assignment for my #1 and only client, my mom! She lives in the Philippines where shopping isn’t the best so she often asks me to shop for her.
This time, I was told to get summery blouses and dresses. I have a hard time spending full price on clothing so I just got her a few items at deep discounts. Here’s what I ended up with!
Clockwise from top left
1. Rebecca Taylor work to date dress
$126 (orig $375)
2. Michael by Michael Kors leopard blouse
$23 (orig $99.50)
3. Michael by Michael Kors printed drawstring dress
$67 (orig $149.60)
4. Mia Via watercolor leopard blouse
$ 54 (orig $138)
5. Michael by Michael Kors polka dotted blouse
$19 (orig $79.50)
And just for fun, I got $841.60 worth of merchandise for $289
The total savings = $552.60!!
What’s something you got a crazy deal on?


  1. wow, these are great finds!! where did you go to get such great deals?

    i’m in love with the polka-dotted blouse. :)


  2. I love all of your picks!!


  3. Good job! I bet it will feel like Christmas when she get’s all those goodies!

    I just got a pair of FREE $70 jeans at GAP for the gap 10,000 jeans give away thing they had so I’d say that was a pretty good deal. Especially since I was needing another pair of skinny’s from there and would have bought them anyway!

  4. wow that Michael Kors polka dotted blouse is a steal! I once bought boots that were orig $130 for only $25, that was a great day haha That’s why I never pay full price ;P

  5. Well done! The two dresses are my favorites! I love outlet shopping for good deals but really having done much shopping (other than baby shopping) lately!

  6. Wow, you found some great deals. Love everything you bought.

  7. Kileen: I got all the 2 leopard blouses from Nordstrom Rack and everything else from Bloomies. They were having an additional 40% off clearance!

    Tales of a young mamma: I really wanted those free jeans but I’m out of the country at the moment! Lucky you!

    Fashionable Asians: I loved the polka dotted top too so of course, I got one for myself too! Those boots were a steal!

  8. I voted for you !
    At the moment I am feeling that I can find so many great bargains going at the back of most stores that I don’t even bother with the new collection at full price …I wear most of the times basics so a basics in clearance stays a basics right ?

    Caro xxx

  9. You and your mom have great taste! I love the polka dotted top.

    Just Better Together

  10. OH MY GOSH…. I have a PS too.. because I’m in Japan, and sometimes I just need my fix from my home of NYC.. clothes…esp those on sale.. the eyes boggle at what I would pay for a MJ here in Tokyo….

    Well, if you are taken on clients, let me know.

  11. Anonymous says:

    and just because I “live in the Philippines and shopping isn’t the best”, i’m gonna unfollow you. ktnksbye!!!

  12. girl j: Yes. If you are interested, email me at

    Anonymous: I apologize if I’ve offended you. I love the Philippines (grew up here in Manila for 15 years), love the food, the culture, the people and the local labels. When I say shopping isn’t the best, I mean that many brands either aren’t available or if they are, they’re not at deep discounts like in the States.

  13. Your mom is going to look fantastic in her new clothes!

  14. j’aime tout, surtout le n°5

  15. Great deals, Jiye!

    How did TOAYM get $70 Gap skinnies for free?! I thought they were only giving away $60 classic bootcut jeans. Lucky!

  16. Impresive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Beautiful choices!
    Thanks for your comment – Happy almost birthday to you too! :) I’m now following – can’t wait to read more!


  18. great job, they’re all so lovely.
    oh my, my biggest bargain was a skirt at UO that was on sale at $10 with an additional %50 off!

  19. I love the 19$ polka dot one! great deals and great style!

  20. wow!! your mom is one lucky lady! these are gorgeous tops. i wish the work to date dress was hanging in my closet!

  21. You got some great stuff for you mom! I love that blue and white dress.

  22. amazing deals! i wonder if i tasked you to be my personal shopper.. what pieces you would come up with… hm i might consider for fun.

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