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plaid-jacket-ripped-jeansLulu’s Tweed Jacket (similar) |  Rag & Bone Ripped Jeans  |    Hubby’s worn in T-shirt  |  J.Crew Leopard Pumps  Celine Luggage Tote  |  Vanessa Mooney Cross Necklace  |  Timex Watch  |  Giles & Brother Cuff  |  ASOS Rings



winter fashion 2014

ripped jeans leopard shoes

chicago fashion blogger
Photography by: Kina Wicks

I am a big fan of this sorta dowdy, sorta large, sorta nerdy blazer.  It looks like it belongs to your old Chemistry teacher from back in high school, or at least mine.  But, I could see the potential.  The right amount of distress on your denim, the right pop of leopard on your feet, a crumpled up boyfriend t-shirt (okay husband if we’re being technical) and you’re on your way to a whole different look, far removed from Ol’ Mr. Chem.

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  1. Oh my god! The pics came out amazing!!! I love it! The outfit looks great on you =)

  2. j'all feel? says:

    you might like kina wicks, but trust me, you don’t appreciate her as much as i do.
    i’ve decided to keep my day job, and will no longer pursue my pro-bono photog gig.

  3. I love everything about this photoshoot, tell me more!!!

    PS: Did you rip the jeans further yourself or did they come ripped this perfectly??

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