Our Baby Turns 2!


We celebrated our baby’s 2nd birthday last week.  In the beginning, I told myself I would just order pizza and call it a day but somehow, I found myself days before the party knee deep in crafts.  I DIY’ed the burlap banner, the cupcake flag toppers and the tags for the caramel apple favors.  Keep reading for instructions!


DIY Favor Tags: This was as simple as punching out the shapes using a 2-inch scalloped hole punch.  Then, just writing out “thanks for coming! dana”  I added an apple for fun.  I probably would have just used the computer and printed it out, except my printer happened to be broken.  Then, I punched a hole on the top and tied using twine.


DIY Cupcake Flag Toppers: I found a pad of colorful printed papers at Target.  The brand is American Crafts and the pad was similar to this one.  I just used my paper cutter to cut out strips, folded them in half and hand cut the ribbon edge.  Then, I used my craft non-toxic glue (just in case a kid decides to lick the toppers clean…you know know!) to glue the folded strips together with a cupcake topper stick inside.  You can definitely use toothpicks!


Caramel Apples: If you live in the Chicagoland area, it would be wise to take note.  I went to Andrew’s Caramel Apples right here in Chicago for the kid & adult friendly favors.  You can get a case of 24 apples for $20!  The price can’t be beat and they are scrumptious.  I got a case of plain and a case of peanut unwrapped.  Then, it was as simple as putting them into individual glassine bags and tying them with the aforementioned twine and favor tags.


Photo Booth: I gave in and bought a polaroid camera and some fun props for D’s 1st birthday party last year.  I’m glad I did because these have made an appearance at every gathering and party we’ve held since then.  They are always a fun addition to a party!  Get your own Polaroid camera here!


DIY Burlap Banner:  This is the simplest, no-sew banner there is.  I cut out the shape I wanted using cardboard leaving an extra half inch on the top.  Then, I used the cardboard template to trace out and cut 6 shapes.  Next, I used stencils to paint on the letters and hearts.  After they dried, I folded over the half inch on the top over the twine and used fabric glue to secure.  I think using a glue gun may have been easier and quicker but I couldn’t find mine anywhere! If I lent it out to you, identify yourself please. :)  I also used the remaining burlap as a table runner for this table.






We had the party at a super cute indoor playground by my house.  I’ve always been a fan of Kookaburra Play Cafe because there are endless toys and activities to keep the children entertained.  Also, I would be remiss if I failed to mention how cute the decor is in there.  Think a colorful play zone done in a mid-century chic!  They have a separate party room in the back with seating for all your guests, were so helpful in setting up and took care of ALL the clean up.  If you are in the Chicagoland area, definitely pop by Kookaburra Play Cafe for just a fun play date or to host your own special event!  Kookaburra Play Cafe is located at 2267 N. Clybourn Ave in Chicago.


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