Oldies but Goodies

I love when I dig around in my closet and find something from years ago that has potential…things that can be made current all over again with some minor tweaking.  It seems that every year, the hemlines are getting shorter and shorter and once again, minis are big this season.  By just shortening the hemlines, I, or my tailor to be exact was able to breathe new life into my old clothes.

This is a skirt my sister gifted me over 5 years ago.  It was knee length and had a full pleated shape that made it look matronly (the last way this young mom would like to be described).  With a few inches off, this oldie has become a wardrobe staple this spring/summer.  The skirt is very girly and dressy so I love it paired with an army jacket or slouchy t-shirt for contrast.

This Betsey Johnson floral dress is over 3 years old.  I hadn’t touched it in years when I caught a glimpse of it in my closet and wondered what it would look like short. I’ve been wanting a Parker cami dress (pictured below on Rihanna and model) forever but couldn’t justify the price for a flimsy summer dress. Snipped a couple (ok fine, more than a couple) inches off the Betsey Johnson and voila!: flimsy, summer dress for $10 or less! Ooh..that rhymes! :)

Share your clothing revival stories too! I’d love to hear from you!


  1. pauline says:

    Good entry – I’ve shortened a few of my dresses as well and I’ve also taken a few items to be dyed black bc I didn’t like the color anymore.
    P.s having worked at magazines and recruiting for editorial – I think you wouldve been great as a market editor!you have a good eye. Maybe in another life. :)

  2. Jiye! you should be in the fashion industry instead of teaching!

  3. Ooh…nice! I was just about to get one of my old JCrew dresses hemmed today. Mid-calf length looks waaay too matronly.

  4. great ideas! i love the side-by-side comparisons. the hemlines really HAVE been creeping up this year, i need to look at what i’ve got at home ;-)

  5. gotta love the oldies but goodies.. enjoying your before and after pics!

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