Neutrals and Neons

Club Monaco sweater   |   Joe’s ponte pants   |   J.Crew shoes   |   Cambridge Satchel bag

I got to take my new satchel out for a spin the other day. I love how the blinding neon contrasts with my understated blush sweater. This bag can elevate a look from plain and boring to fun and interesting, simply using color, albeit a very, very bright color.  
This is my first post-baby outfit post and I have to admit I was a little insecure about taking pics before losing all my baby weight. It’s impossible to diet when you’re nursing and starving all the time! I have a little over a month to lose the rest of my baby weight. Hubbie’s company ball is coming up and I rented a dress in my pre-pregnancy size. Any tips on how to lose weight without dieting or working out? ;)


  1. you look great!!!!

  2. You look amazing!!!!!!!! And get a girdle to squeeze into that dress hahahahah!!!! No seriously ……i get them from and they make you look amazing!

  3. u look great!!! were u even preggo?! no carbs after 12pm works wonders! so have all ur carbs during breakfast. u can still have them, just limit the time you have them. hehehe =)

    love the neon! u know how i feel about neon right now. woooot!

  4. you look GREAT. the neon color is SO tricky, but i love how you do it with neutrals!!

  5. you look so cute and the size of the bag is perfect!

  6. You look sooo good! I don’t dare post any pictures of me… I cringe every time I look at them. haha

  7. I’m dying for a cambridge satchel and hoping Santa brings me one.

  8. Totally no reason to feel insecure! You are soooo skinny and look great!

  9. eek! i am e-mailing you!


  10. Jiye u have damn good genes. Not fair! Love this look. Can’t wait to see more outfit photos !

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