Mommy & Me Birthday Bash Look

On Mommy: Forever21 lace top, J brand black jeans, Gap city flats, Hermes & J.Crew bracelets, Louis Vuitton handbag
On A: Old Navy striped shirt, crewcuts cargo vest, Target leggings, Old Navy boots, flower headband from Korea

A actually wore that flower headband last year at her first birthday party (See pics here). Might have to become a bday tradition!

Check out that leg pop and her attitude…I’ve created a monster. At least she’s an adorable one!
Yes, she is peering into our junk mail bin here but had to show how cute she looked from the back too!
We had so much fun at A’s birthday party this past weekend! Lots of party pics to come in the next day or two so please check back.
Did anyone notice A’s cargo vest I splurged on? I have a hard time spending money on crewcuts clothing for A because of how pricey it can be. I usually stick to sale Gap, Old Navy or Target for A’s clothes. If she does have anything nicer (Burberry, crewcuts, DKNY), they are almost always gifts she’s received. This vest was 40% off but still way more than I’m used to spending on her clothes and I spent a good 10 minutes debating whether to buy it or not. In the end, she looked adorable and I’m glad I got it. It will transition well into spring and summer. I can already see floral dresses under it!


  1. She is too precious and growing up soo quickly – love that headband! Can’t wait to see more from her party! :)

  2. not a monster! she’s soooo adorable ;) love the was a great splurge and the headband will make for such a cute tradition!


  3. she is wayyy too cute and adorable!! can’t wait to see more pics!

  4. She looked so cute!! I know how u feel about crewcuts – always waiting for big sales! But I am loving the vest. :)

  5. That last comment was from me, Janny! Not sure how to use my blogger profile.

  6. I feel your pain about not wanting to spend a lot of money on kids clothes (my definition of a lot is waaaaaay less than the average parent). but I’m sure the pain went away as soon as you saw how cute she was.

  7. she stands like a model.

  8. she’s so adorable she should be modeling for crewcuts :-)

  9. omg what a little fashionista. i love her little modeling pose!

  10. the cutest 2 year old!!! i’m the luckiest gomo:)

  11. A is adorable!! Love your outfit too! :)

  12. you two look adorable!

  13. Awww – A is so stylin! Love her solo camera pose.

  14. lol, this girly! does she have her hand on her hip too!?

    Just Better Together

  15. I can hardly stand how cute she is. She’s a little wee model! You both look beautiful!

  16. First time visiting your blog. Your daughter is too cute for words!

  17. That vest is too cute on her. I love it with the flowery headband!

  18. you two girls :) lovely
    this little blogger is so cute :)

    have you guys checked out my GIVEAWAY???

  19. omg she’s so cute!!!!!! and like a little model!

  20. I love it! A is the most adorable monster!

  21. A must stand for awesome cuz she is totally awesome with her little poses!

  22. She is serving it up! Too cute love the outfit!

  23. Oh my gosh she is so cute!

  24. She is so stinkin’ cute! Love her outfit and headband but most of all love her posing!

  25. There is way too much cute and beauty in this post! It shouldn’t be legal! I really love seeing the pictures of you two together, it’s so sweet and you both are always so stylish!

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  26. ooh, my goodness, loving both of your outfits. Your daughter is adorable. I love her outfit + those booties are amazing. Hope you had a fab birthday bash too. xx veronika

  27. Love her outfit!! she is too cute. Would you want me to feature her as a real life cool kid?

  28. So adorable, I’m glad that you decided to splurge on her vest it looks wonderful on her!

  29. The casual look is cute on you – your hair/makeup looks very natural and effortless chic.

  30. Gah she is sooo cute! I love her pose!

  31. A is such a cutie.

    I saw the vest on the website, it is too cute! There’s a 30% off sale items code today and I ended up getting my toddler a couple of tees. I’m in love with crewcuts! Too bad the boys’ selection isn’t as cute as the girls.

  32. Super cute outfits! Love her little headband!

  33. Love those boots!

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