Modern Basic Affordable Watch

cheap watch classic sweater full skirt(image: Lucky Magazine)

I loved pretty much everything featured in the Modern Basics editorial in the latest issue (2/14) of Lucky Magazine.  All easy, wearable wardrobe staples but in such beautifully muted colors.

I noticed the watch in several of the images and instantly fell for the simple, classic design.  I love the brown leather strap, the white and round face, the understated black numbers and the silver (not gold) rim.  It is the Timex Leather Easy Reader Watch.  And the price tag? Ranging from $29-$65 depending on where you purchase it.  Now that’s what I call a no-brainer.

Here are some of the places you can purchase your own and you can opt for different colors too!



  1. The Timex face is one of my favorites – which one did you end up getting, the brown strap? So glad this brand’s getting the attention it deserves! Just hope they don’t start to mark it up like crazy now. ;)

  2. great post! Im looking for big watches too!

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