Mirrored Tropical Print Dress

Zara Dress (similar)  |  Zara Sandals (now $25!)  |  Woven Clutch from the Philippines (similar)
LUV AJ Crystal Cross Necklace (on sale for $93 here!)  |  Essie Blanc Nail Polish  |  ALO Sunnies (Korean brand)

This dress features 2 of my favorite trends this summer: the mirrored look and the tropical print.  Mirrored, symmetrical prints are huge right now and work well on dresses, tops and even pants.  
I love how roomy (translation: forgiving) this dress is.  I had Italian the other night, wearing this dress and after platters of pizza, pasta and calamari, I was still breathing easy while I imagine my counterparts were secretly unbuttoning their pants.  
The hem of this dress is quite short but I realized (the hard way) that the short length is necessary to keep the over-sized dress from looking matronly.  And when I say the hard way, I am admitting that yes, I was the blockhead that took it to the tailor to lengthen it and then took it back to shorten it again, which means I paid twice to get it back to the original state.  Not my proudest moment… 


  1. I adore this little dress! So pretty and easy to throw on for hot Summer days and nights. You look beautiful!

  2. I did not know that mirrored prints are in. Good info. And the dress is lovely.
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  3. i had this dress in my zara shopping cart awhile ago and now i wish i would’ve checked out – seeing how cute it is on you!! i might have to check out the similar one from asos!

  4. Gorgeous!

  5. beautiful, see more fashion from

  6. Your dress is so pretty!

  7. Sehr schönes Outfit, dir steht das Kleid so gut.


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