Meeting Santa

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I was so excited when I spotted Santa at the mall in Manila. I picked A up and ran over to him (she never met him last year). The whole time we were waiting, she was smiling and waving at him (even though he was ignoring her) but when it was our turn to take a pic, she literally FREAKED out! She was grabbing onto my shirt so tightly and her legs were clutching onto my sides. So I decided to leave and about 4 steps out, she completely calmed down and yelled “Buh-bye!!” while waving and smiling. Is it just me or do all toddlers have bipolar tendencies??


  1. Hahaha! I always tell my sister her two-year-old is bipolar. One minute she’s smiling, talking and giggling, the next (and for no apparent reason) she’s on the floor in a full-blown tantrum. Cute little stinker!
    Love your shirt, by the way.

  2. hahaha!!! She was playing games on you! Filipino santa…love it!

  3. Too funny! When Stella was 1 we did the same thing- waited in line (forever) when it got to her turn she was delighted to meet him (in my arms) but once I went to put her down she was frozen-glued to me and I had to sit on Santa’s lap with her for the picture.

  4. we nicknamed O1 Dr.Jekyll Mr.Hyde

  5. omg, that’s hilarious!! i love your picture above as it describes your story exactly! my parents say i was the same way. :)

  6. I love this picture! I love torturing my kids. LOL (just kidding). We haven’t taken my 17 month old yet…but I have a feeling it will be a similar pic. My 4 year old still doesn’t want to go see him! Stop by I have an adorable hat giveaway today!

  7. This is such a great candid shot! And I do often feel Santa freaks them out…wait a couple more years and she will be sittin pretty on his lap!

  8. HAHA she’s so cute! you’ve gotta keep this pic and show her when she’s older. I look stunned in my photo with Santa I don’t remember why but it’s funny to look at xD

  9. i had the same fate yesterday…no santa, no pics. ugh!

    maybe next yr (and he’s 3 , btw)….

  10. I think this is even better than a sweet, sitting on Santa’s lap! Something you’ll both remember forever. Great shot!

  11. Aww. That’s cute. I think they are all like that at that age!

  12. Hilarious! You should make that your Christmas card and send it out to everyone.

  13. sooo funny and cute! this will become a treasured family photo for sure!

  14. Omg, I love it! I’m taking my G tomorrow (she’s 12.5 months) so I have know idea what her reaction will be. I’m guessing she will try and pull his beard off :)

  15. Not just bipolar tendencies, but especially with SANTA! My three year old loves Santa toys and pictures and she’ll wave to him but she will NOT go anywhere near him to take a picture. I just don’t get it.

  16. hahaha! omg, she cracks me up. poor santa, having to deal w/all these hot-and-cold children. ;)

  17. Hahahaha!

  18. Haha, funny, cute pic. I cant wait for Kaia to meet Santa.

  19. Oh man Jasper is Obsessed with Santa! He saw a fat man in a beard at the park and Freaked out!

  20. This is a HILARIOUS picture!

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Santa as a kid either. Something about seeing him up close was a bit scary.

    Just Better Together

  21. This is absolutely priceless! And the ‘I was so excited when I spotted Santa at the mall in Manila.’ added all the extra laughter after seeing the picture. Cute post.

  22. awe! my daughter was the same way the first time!

  23. meeting santa didn’t go well huh? …
    we’ll … it will as the time passes by :)
    she’s too cute :)

  24. Dessert is uber important hehe… i hope you indulged in some delicious goodness! ;)

    <3 that picture. your baby girl is CUTE!

  25. Oh no! But so funny!

  26. hahaha she’s such a character!

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