Me, a celebrity fashion blogger??

What Are They Wearing is one of my go to blogs for celebrity style. So, of course I entered when I saw that they were having a fashion blogger contest. I wrote about Rachel Bilson. I looove her effortlessly chic style!
Yesterday, I was super excited to hear that I was a finalist! Please click here to read my entry and click here to vote for me!! I would really, really, really appreciate it!!!

Who’s your favorite celeb fashionista?



  1. Great job on the blog, I have voted. I love WATW. Best of luck!

  2. Congrats! What exciting news- I am also a huge Rachel Bilson fan! Heading to vote now…

  3. nice post!! i also voted for you via facebook. do you have a twitter? i would love to tweet my vote for you too!


  4. Thanks ladies!!

    Kileen: my twitter is jiyelee Thanks!!

  5. I will defintely check out your post and vote for you.

    I have a sweet giveaway for little girls today. I think you will love it.

  6. Voted!!!!! You might want to write somewhere in this post that everyone should click your link and click the facebook LIKE at the top — just to save OCD people like me the “HUH?” moment when they realize there’s no vote button. haahaha. I’m sure everyone’s a little quicker than I am though =)

    Hope you win!!!! Best of luck!

    Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons

  7. congrats and good luck!

    i love gwyneth and olivia palermo!

  8. For American celebs I like Nicole Richie and Olivia Palermo, for Asian celebs I like Angelababy and Li Bing Bing :)
    Congrats on being a finalist, gonna go vote now, good luck! ;)

  9. Very well deserved – good luck Jiye!! You’re in the lead :)

  10. i voted for you! and i have always loved rachel bilson’s style! even the ones people say “don’t” on! :)

  11. That’s awesome! Congratulations :)

  12. Congrats! I voted for you :)

    Just Better Together

  13. Vote cast! I hope you get it girl!

  14. I voted for you – I even read the other entries – and yours was still my favourite!

  15. Voted for you! Personally I ღ Rachel Bilson’s style, and you did the best write up.

  16. Awww, I loved your entry and Rachel Bilson is one of my favorite celebrity fashion idols! I voted for ya! Hope you win. =0D

  17. You got our vote!! And our current celeb crushes-Olivia Palermo, the Kardashian sisters, Nicole Richie, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

  18. Voted! I have never had a celebrity crush.
    Enjoyed reading the post. Hope you are wellxx

  19. oh how fun!! I voted :)

  20. good luck!!

  21. excellent write up and analysis of her outfit, style, and look!

  22. Good luck! Lovely blog, I really like it! New follower, I hope you’ll follow me back! Kiss

  23. i love rachel bilson.. also love nicole richie’s style

  24. Congratulations on being a finalist. Love your write up — hate Rachel Bilson in the best most envious way possible. :)

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