Lovely Obsessions…


“Lovely Obsessions” was one of the titles I originally wanted for this blog before I came to the crashing realization that any title I could think of was already claimed. Anywhoo, this site will be about my obsession with all things lovely! Pearls and green tea are definitely up there in my “I die” (a la Rachel Zoe) list!

Lovely fashions? Check!
Lovely decor? Present!
Lovely bites? Absolutely!
and let’s throw in a little bit of lovely travel for good measure!

I hope you all enjoy browsing/wearing/drinking pearls and green tea with me!



  1. Yay! Congrats on your new blog! Excited to see more!

  2. :) me too!

  3. this blog is perfect for you! i will be a loyal follower!~

  4. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for a blog from you and this title could not be more perfect!!!

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m so excited to read more! I’ll link to you right away ;)


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