Keeping A close to my Heart~

I’ve been wanting an initial necklace since A was born. I like the idea of having each child’s initial on a separate disc and wearing them all together.

After lots of searching, I finally decided on Nashelle’s version from her Identity collection.  You can customize everything from the length of the chain to the size of the disc and I also liked the story behind the company and how motherhood pushed her to take her business to the next level. Love supporting mompreneurs!

Here’s mine! 
I chose the 17.5″ gold chain with the mini charm disc in gold.
The total for mine was $60 but I had a coupon code for 30% off so I paid $42!
E-shopping tip: ALWAYS google the store name and “coupon code” before purchasing anything. So, for example, I googled “Nashelle coupon code”.
Here is a neck shot. Not the prettiest picture but I wanted to show how long the 17.5″ inch chain it is.
The best part is how light it is. Since it came in the mail weeks ago, I have not taken it off. I wear it in the shower and to bed and it’s so light I hardly notice.

Also, while I post pics of fun accessories I wear when I’m out with my girlfriends, the majority of my days are spent chasing A around a playground or a dance class where fussy jewelry just gets in the way. This is the perfect, won’t-get-in-the-way piece to wear all day everyday!

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?


  1. love it! I have been wanting something similar with both of my kids intials. I will have to check out her store and put it on my christmas list. I love simple necklaces for everyday.
    I have a csn giveaway. Stop by!

  2. That’s pretty! That’s a great idea to wear each child’s initial. My favorite piece of jewelry is my tiny, gold leaf necklace that I bought years ago. I also never take it off b/c it’s so dainty.

  3. Is that the Gap vintage tee? Don’t you looove those?? :)

  4. beautiful necklace!

  5. i have a similar piece with “aston” name on a round disc in rose-gold {and along it are 2 small heart discs with mine and the hubs initials}..and like you, i never take it off!

    i like your price better tho…score!

  6. Love the necklace and the idea!

  7. I’ve been looking forever and day for a simple gold initial necklace! do you like the 17.5″ length? I’m so used to 16″ necklaces.

  8. Love the necklace! I am a new follower glad I stopped by!

  9. i have a similar marc gold necklace with a circle pendant just like that one and i wear it almost everyday!

  10. What a pretty necklace! I love how you wear your girly’s intial!

    Just Better Together

  11. Cindy: Yes, it’s the gap t! Love them! And your necklace sounds so pretty!

    Sunny: I actually wish it was a little longer. I don’t like short chains because I think my neck is too short and the short chains cut me off even more. You can try it on Sunday though and decide if you like the length!

  12. I’m torn whether to spell out their names or just their initials bc “O” isn’t really a pretty lookin letter. Plus I’d have to get 2 of them. decisions, decisions…

  13. Really cute! Love this, if I had a child I’d buy it in a heartbeat since I love light, easy to wear jewelry.

  14. I do love my initial necklace ;) My fave piece of jewelry now is my skinny mini gold wedding band that I wear instead of my diamond band on low maintenance days. It’s so dainty and pretty!

  15. My favorite piece has to be a swarovsky heart pendant gifted to me by my bf last valentine’s day. I had one exactly like it when I was young and it meant a lot to me, but as I moved out of home and left my country, I lost possession of it.

    So when I saw that he found the exact same one, I was truly speechless. :)

    I wanted to give you a big hug for dropping by my little blog and also wanted to if you’d be interested to stay in touch via google, bloglovin, or twitter?

    Please let me know and I’ll happily start stalking you around cyberspace.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  16. Oh this is so sweet! I love how pretty and delicate it is!!

  17. I google for coupons before I buy too =P I’ve been able to save soo much $ that way. This necklace is so delicate and pretty. Looks great on you!

    I actually don’t think I have a favorite piece of jewelry. It’s kind of sad, but every time I buy a new piece it becomes my favorite lol. All the others are relegated to ugly stepsister status -_-

  18. such a sweet chain

  19. I got my cousin an initial necklace for her birthday with 3 discs: 1 for her, 1 for her husband, 1 for her son… and she can stack up whenever her family expands!

    I like yours, it’s similar to one I have, but with a different font.

  20. i love my “K” necklace, too! and you can wear it with everything! nice find jiye! :) mine’s from if anyone is interested – it has swarovski crystal overlying it. :)

  21. I’m all about fashion and quality, but I’m also about saving money.. saving, saving, and getting discounts… I’m so frugal it’s lame sometimes = ) Love the necklace.

  22. Oh this is so cute and will go with everything! Gorgeous purchase! My toddler “gave” me a Things Remembered version with his name and birthdate for Mother’s Day :)

  23. the necklace is beautiful!

  24. Very nice! I’ve always wanted a “signature” necklace a la Carrie Bradshaw, but haven’t come across anything I really like yet. So glad you found yours! :)

  25. what a lovely necklace.=)

    my favorite piece of jewelry is the Cartier Love Bracelet in rose gold I got for my first wedding anniversary. It has our marriage mantra inscribed on the inside, and sometimes, when I am missing my husband, I just take a little peek inside and it makes me happy.

  26. So pretty! I too am huge into the initial necklaces too! I got this one from claypot when Stella was born.
    its tiny and delicate. I have not taken it off in years! Great layering piece!

  27. What a cute necklace! When I visited Egypt I had my name written in hieroglyphics (ancient Egyptian writing) and wore it as a pendant. The chain and pendant only cost $50 – who doesnt love a good deal! It was unique but the chain was also short, would have preferred it slightly longer. I should look for it and start wearing it again.

  28. These are beautiful! I am hoping to get some eventually with my childrens names.

    :) Happy wednesday!

  29. oh! i love this. so sweet + delicate, much like your little one, i’m sure :]

  30. Love it! I’m weird about chain length, so I’m all about options! Very cute.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Love pretty shiny things! My favorites: double name rings from Been wearing for 8yrs a pendant {asymmetical design w/diamond} I received as a wedding gift. Of course, my wedding ring as well.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Love the blog and love the necklace! Do you mind sharing the coupon code? Thanks!

  33. perfect necklace!

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