Jumper Around

Prada Vela Backpack  |   Converse Shoes  |  ALO Sunnies (Korean Brand)  |  Forever21 Necklace

This outfit feels so fun and youthful and I can just picture myself skipping down Bascom Hill at my Alma Mater (Go Badgers!)  The thing is, although I’m (give or take…okay fine, take, TAKE!!) 10 years post college days, in my core, I still feel a glorious 21.  I’m an instagramming Belieber so that makes me hip and with the times, right? Right?  And then, reality hits when I’m in line at Forever21 sandwiched between a 12 year old girl and her even younger sister.  I’ve often wondered “At what age should people let Forever21 go?”  Deep thoughts, anyone? 


  1. I am 33 and still shop at f21 once in a while! Each time I do in though, I feel more and more awkward being surrounded by teenagers! But, what can I do if I happen to find a cute top or bottom? I say as long as it looks age appropriate, go for it! Who cares where you got it. :)

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  3. Love this look. x

  4. Sam: I feel the same way! I buy stuff there and for the most part, I think I keep it age appropriate!

    Kym: Thanks girl!!

  5. You ARE youthful. And this is a perfect weekend outfit for you. I also like how you wore sneakers. I feel that a lot of Asian fashion bloggers wear so much dressy stuff that it’s nice to see a variety of style once in a while.

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog, and asking a thoughtful question. I’ve referred and answered your question in a recent post on my blog:

    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog – Girlie Blog Seattle

  6. nice outfit! I love your necklace!

  7. cute outfit! loving your necklaces!

  8. I hated the feeling of shopping next to teenyboppers! Probably bc I’m rather short and could pass for one. So I quit F21 at age 25 and haven’t looked back! But I always see bloggers with good F21 finds, and it’s tempting to go back.

  9. I saw a 70+ year old woman at Forever 21 once. She was still workin’ it! True to the name of the place.

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