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centerpiece for A’s 3rd birthday party
hubbie had a late meeting, both kids were down and i settled in for an evening of kim crawford, godiva and bad (but so good!) reality tv!

chubby wubby

 cuddle buddies


hot cocoa mix valentines for A’s preschool pals
Happy Valentines!!

Oh and I finally joined pinterest and I’m pretty hooked. Find me here.



  1. OMG that “sushi” pic is hilarious!

  2. Happy Valentines! I DIE for the sushi!! Too cute!

  3. The sushi picture – it’s TOO cute – I can’t bear it! Wish I had been more creative with the kids’ valentines day gifts – basically sent them out with grocery store cupcakes and boxes of m&m’s to give out!

  4. Ah, the “sushi” picture is beyond adorable and the one where your daughters are cuddling too. Happy Valentine’s Day :)

    xo, alison*elle

  5. Ah, baby sushi. So cute! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. I could spot Ben a mile away! :) I love trashy TV.

  7. omg the sushi! hahahhahaha.. dyyyyying!

  8. Aw the sushi picture made me laugh!! SO funny!

    Love the centrepiece!!


  9. Happy V-day to you! The children are adorable!

  10. Your pictures are gorgeous. Awww little one is already on his tummy.,fashion,seattle

  11. DVF for Kiddies!

    coming soon at GAP! yay!

  12. Drunk on shoes: I’ve been counting down since they announced last year. Can’t wait!!

  13. Awesome centerpiece…did you make it?

  14. Sandi: I did make it. got the idea from the Tiny Prints blog. It was so easy. Just glue gunned sweet tarts to a foam ball and wrapped ribbon around a chopstick!

  15. your right we do have very similar taste! Your little girls are so darling!!! following now!!! xoox

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