Hello Again!

Sorry I have been so MIA the last couple of weeks. Here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to…
A’s first Snippets experience. She was apprehensive at first but loved driving the car!
Went to several birthday parties including this one at a bowling alley!
A went to grandma’s for the day while I stood in line for the IPAD2 with some girlfriends. Got it in white and am LOVING it!!
Went to the Shedd Aquarium and got up close and personal with some beluga whales
Still at the Shedd, saw a 4D Dora show. She had her arms out trying to grab things the entire time. Hilarious!
Took a weekend trip to New Buffalo, MI with several other families to swim, eat and veg.

A at dance class, frogging around. Ribbit!

Hope you guys have been well! What did you guys think of the Bachelor finale and After the Rose?? Even though I’m not the biggest Brad fan, I want them to work out! What did you guys think?



  1. A is just so friggin’ cute. Love to see what she’s up to. I knew Brad would pick Emily, but he’s always so uneasy around her. You can just tell by their body language that something is off. I have a feeling it was over before it even begun.

    We definitely saw another side of her After the Rose. I can see she is not as sweet as they made her out to be. Call me catty. =)

    (Couture and Crayons)

  2. Awww… A is so cute!!! You must be soooo proud of her. :)

    I know you already have one of these, but…

    Come check out my rope bracelet GIVEAWAY and enter when you get a chance!

    Oh btw… I made a really tiny teeny one by accident. It’s too sweet to toss, I wonder if it would fit A. What size are her wrists?

  3. Awesome! Little A is so cute, you’re kicking up my baby fever again! :)
    I think all little kids like driving the car or the rocket ship when they get their hair cut!


  4. Janice: Yeah! I was actually relieved to see that she was more normal! I was starting to feel like I was an awful person compared to her!

    Amy: So good to hear from you!! How are you enjoying motherhood?? The teeny tiny bracelet sounds awesome! I’d love it for A. She has tiny wrists…not sure the size and I’m def heading over to enter the giveaway coz I managed to break my bracelet. :(

    Anna: Baby fever is definitely everywhere these days!!

  5. Awww, A is so cute! The Ribbit video is absolutely cute!

  6. A is cutest frog EVER. Loved her little ‘ribbit’!

  7. I just found your blog today, I love it!

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  8. Anonymous says:

    A is SO CUTE!! and look at her outfit in the video!! loved it!! how many gb did you get for the ipad! i’m still debating!!!


  9. omg..her ribbit’s are just so cute! she is hilarious at the 4d show! She must keep you entertained all day long.

  10. Aww, such a cute video!!!

  11. Ok, A is totally the most well dressed out of all the students in her dance class! Too adorable!

  12. the 4D thing cracks me up! did she sit for the whole movie?

  13. Omg so adorable! And 4D sounds amazing…I am so old I don’t even know what it is!


  14. Janny: The 4D movie was only about 10-15 minutes long. She definitely sat through the whole thing!

    featherfactor: I didn’t either! And I literally yelped when air started blowing me from behind my chair. And then I noticed my chair moving in certain parts, the smell of bananas when there were bananas on screen, etc. so I think it’s using all your senses…

  15. omg!!! Your daughter is sooooo adorable!!! :)

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