Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

So this post is a bit (er…6 months) overdue but hey, better late than never, right? I had a blast planning A’s 1st birthday party or dohl (in Korean).  I had two very special Sarah’s help me with this event.  One is my sister in law (a former catering maven) and the other, a friend (stationary designer extraordinaire).  Everything turned out beautiful and it was such a memorable event!

Truly Smitten’s Sarah used A’s actual silhouette to create this! I loved the color palette she came up with!
The silhouette was used for the cupcake toppers as well.  It pained me a little that the cupcakes didn’t color coordinate but we had to get red velvet cupcakes! Yum!
Gorgeous flower arrangements by SIL Sarah!
The dessert table with Korean rice cakes, cupcakes, various yellow candies and lemons for that pop of color!
Close up
Menu cards by Truly Smitten Sarah
Our little doll in her party dress! I searched high and low for an affordable party dress and ended up getting this for $19.99 at TJ Maxx.  Steal!!
Picture table (didn’t want to overdo it so we just chose 2 pictures we love) and the glimpse of the adults favors on the right.
These held earl grey and chocolate espresso orange tea cookies, baked and packaged by Truly Smiten Sarah!
A’s costume change into a traditional Korean dress.
Family pic! This was towards the end of the party and past her nap time so getting her to smile was impossible…poor baby!
Oh and here is the beautiful and hilarious video slideshow the hubbie made for A’s birthday! It’s a must see!!

If the video’s not working, click here for a link to the youtube video.
I had so much fun with our baby’s dohl but I have to say, I was exhausted and relieved when it was over!


  1. The party looks absolutely beautiful and so does your little girl!

  2. aww thanks Jiye! I had a blast designing for Audrey’s dohl too =)

  3. aww.. that was so cute!

  4. I just discovered your blog and Love it! I’m a new follower!

  5. Such a cute family! p.s. Envious of you only wearing your dresses once! I used to be like that, but I’ve had to cut back, guess two times will have to do ;)

  6. Roxy: Thanks! About the dresses though, I usually wear them more than once. I wore the floral dress again recently with a bulky sweater over it for a more casual look. And a friend is borrowing it this weekend for a wedding. Another friend borrowed the leopard dress a few weekends ago. I hate seeing my dresses not worn so I organize dress swaps so I can lend them out to friends. :)

  7. What a cute lil girl and what a befitting party.
    The party favors are so pretty.

  8. such a gorgeous party and your little girl is absolutely adorable in both outfits! i love that everyone made such wonderful contributions to the event. and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :-)

  9. omg, that looks like the party of the year! what a lucky girl audrey is….
    i’m so crazy that i’ve already started thinking about charlotte’s dohl. i’m thinking of doing a paperdolls theme. does your friend “truly smitten” take other dohl projects or just because you are friends?

  10. pauline: How old is Charlotte now? I’m sure you’ll throw a fabulous party! I love the paperdolls theme…I was totally obsessed with paper dolls when I was a kid! Here’s the link to her blog and you can contact her from there. She is phenomenal!


  11. cute party!

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