Growth Charts

One minute, she was swaddled in my arms and the next, she’s a vivacious toddler with energizer bunny tendencies. It’s amazing to see little A growing up so quickly right before my eyes. Before she gets any bigger, I need to document her growth and what better way than a cute wall decal growth chart?
I wanted something cute but still modern and under $20. I found a lot of amazing growth charts on Etsy but mostly, above my price range. For those with a higher budget, here are some of the cuter ones I found.
A’s favorite animal is a giraffe so this one was tempting.
I love the owl and the leaves fluttering away.
By far, my favorite! Love the gray & orange, the Amy Butler-esque flower, the owl, the bird. I love it all!
Now, I was starting to get discouraged and trying to convince myself that $52 for a growth chart was actually a steal. And then, I came across this one.
I opted for the pink to match some of the accents in A’s room and omitted the name because I hated all the fonts.
 Here it is, in A’s room. We love it! She loves to point out all the animals and then, of course, act out their sounds. I think it looks clean, doesn’t take up too much space and is actually, really a steal at $14!
Which would you pick?


  1. The first one is so cute!

  2. great choice! I do love the giraffe.

  3. i really like the orange and gray one! love that color combo. but for $52…sheesh!

  4. We love the tree!!! so cute!

  5. cool find! i love the owls…

  6. I don’t know how I could choose (i’d have to operate on price alone) because they are so flipping cute!!!

    Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons

  7. I love the one you went with, especially since it comes in pink!

  8. How cute! The second one stole my heart…love the tree, the colour combination – and the pink owl!

    I love the one that you chose as well – and what a bargain too!

  9. These took my breathe away! I am totally going to get one of these for my future babies.

    Just Better Together

  10. All are so cute! My favourite is the third.

  11. These are so adorable! I love the woodland owl on the tree and the woodland creature growth charts. I’m not ready for babies yet but this was bookmarked for when that times comes.

  12. so cute! i love the giraffe w/ little turtle :)

  13. omg those are so adorable! definitely passing this on to my “mom” friends!

  14. Love this idea! My 3 year old chose a huge life-size Spiderman wall decal as his room decoration.

    We use the old ruler and pencil idea.. the same as my parents did for me lol.

  15. they’re all so cute…i guess it’s just a matter of what would compliment the room best. the one you ended up getting looks way more expensive than $14….good job! love your redesign, btw…

  16. What a great idea! I’ll file this away in the “I’ll have a little one someday soon” box. Good call on omitting the name too.

    Call Me Ishmael

  17. I like both woodland growth ones. Super cute!

  18. Cute pick. Sweet deal too!

  19. send me the link please.. i need one too!

  20. Chris, they’re all linked under the photos!

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  22. What? It’s true!

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