Greece Memories

Happy Valentines Day!! Here’s a look back at the most romantic place we’ve ever been…

Almost 3 years ago, hubbie and I planned a dream vacation to Santorini, Greece. It was meant to be our last hurrah before starting a family. Flights booked, hotels reserved, and lists composed of things to do and places to eat…I could hardly wait. And then 2 months before departure, A was unexpectedly conceived! So, instead of a last hurrah, it turned out to be our very first family trip.

We stopped in Athens for just 1 night to do 2 things.

1. See the Parthenon.

Side note: Do not wear a dress and cute sandals when visiting the Parthenon. We may look fine in this picture but we have just hiked up a steep, perilous (in my shoes, yes!) trail for 40 minutes in 95 degree heat.One of those “What was I thinking??” moments..
To The Max dress (to be sold in my shop soon!), Urban Outfitters belt, Old Navy sandals, Gucci bag

2. Get handmade sandals at Melissinos Art

Here is Pantelis, hard at work on my sandals! His father made sandals for Jackie-O and the Beatles!! I blogged about it

We arrived by ferry to Santorini late at night. We got to our room to find welcome drinks and dessert on our balcony. Of course, hubbie drank both while I stared longingly.
The next morning, we woke up and took in the beautiful view! This is the Anastasis Apartments in Santorini. This family run, boutique hotel really goes above and beyond. From sitting down with us to tell us which tours/restaurants were scams and which were bargains, to the fresh peaches picked that morning served unexpectedly while we’re laying out, to the impeccably maintained grounds, it was truly magical! We’ve had friends honeymoon there after us and they agreed that this is the most incredible place they’ve stayed as well.

Breakfast served on our balcony.

The view at the infinity pool. Best place to watch the extraordinary Santorini sunset.

Walking around Fira
Joie dress, Melissinos Art sandals, Gucci bag

After reading tons of reviews, we tracked down Lucky’s Souvlaki. Truly the best gyros EVER! I’m embarrassed to say how many times we went back.
In Oia for dinner
Old Navy top, Theory shorts, Tom Ford sunglasses, Gucci bag

Taken before leaving for dinner on our last night in Santorini. It was so magical and we were truly so sad to be leaving. We are all about visiting new places but we’re in agreement that this is the one place we would definitely return to.
Dolce Vita dress, Old Navy shoes

Where would you go on a dream vacation? Or what’s the best vacation you ever went on?



  1. That is one place I long to go! Im, fascinated with everything Greek! Gorgeous pics! Im jealous!

    But I also want to go to Seychelles ,,,,i blogged here about this place…. ANSE SOURCE D’ARGENT, SEYCHELLES

    Also boulder beach, South africa

  2. Oh AMAZING! I don’t think we’ve done a dream vacation yet – we’re saving up our pennies and our $ for that one :)

  3. That is on our must visit list, we both have always wanted to go. Looks beautiful!

  4. How come you’re selling your white dress? It’s so cute! Ohh your yellow bag is Gucci. Love the pop of yellow. :)

  5. Greece is truly a magical place to go! I went on a study abroad trip and had a 3 day vacation there. The food and the beauty does not compare to anything else.

  6. oh my gosh that souvlaki looks amazing

    happy valentine’s day!

  7. GORGEOUS pics! I have always wanted to go to Greece! Thanks for sharing this beautiful pics…happy valentine’s day!


  8. You look gorgeous dear! The photos look breathtakingly beautiful! I wish I could go there someday.

  9. love the pics!

  10. I’m dying to go to Santorini! Thanks for the little reminder. ;)

    Happy Valentine’s Day, girl! xo

  11. Santorini is probably on the top of my “dream vacations” list – but we didn’t get to it before the kiddies came – and now most of our holidays are to family-friendly, non-sightseeing places LOL!…maybe we can try in a couple of years.

    Your vacation wardrobe is fabulous – the first pic – with the white dress – so grecian goddess and very appropriate! And you look so gorgeous at 2 months pregnant – I was constantly lying down on the sofa with horrible morning sickness at this point (could be cuz I had twins!)

    My favourite holiday was Capri in Italy with hubby – we went there for our 3rd wedding anniversary – everything was amazing (scenery, food, shopping)- and I got some lovely leather bags. Hubby’s favourite holiday was our honeymoon in the Maldives.

  12. Thanks for sharing! I’m putting this in my bucket lists of places to go :)

    Just Better Together

  13. I LOVE that picture of you by the pool! … and how sentimental it is knowing that little A was already with you and your hubbie while you’re on this trip.

    I would love to make it to Greece one day, so beautiful and so much history! We went to Italy for our honeymoon last year and it’s always so wonderful to look back at these memorable photos! (not to mention, we got ourselves a honeymoon baby!)

    Thanks for sharing your pics! You look gorgeous and so well put together in all of your photos!!

  14. i want to visit greece soooo badly. love your purse btw. xo

  15. WOW… guys sure make it easy to want to go there! I have never been but dying to one day. breath taking pictures!!! We went to south africa on our honeymoon and the safari there is amazing. Payton was conceived 2 weeks before we left….haha and i didnt even know it. I got sick on my way home on the plane and thats how we found out. Great pics

  16. Gorgeous photos! I love love loveeee Greece! I had the pleasure of studying abroad there for the summer, and every view was breathtaking! One regret I do have is not getting some sandals made! :)

  17. Gorgeous photos! I love love loveeee Greece! I had the pleasure of studying abroad there for the summer, and every view was breathtaking! One regret I do have is not getting some sandals made! :)

  18. That looked like one amazing vacation!!

    Editor & Chic

  19. ***Sigh
    I’ll take Italy please! And soon!
    Lovely post!

  20. i long for greece!! maybe one day but too hard with a baby now :(

  21. Great pics! I was at the Parthenon a few months ago! ;-)

  22. oh how romantic and gorgeous. i’m enjoying catching up on your blog finally! that gyro looks delicious and the pic of you by the infinity pool: stunning! i’m thiiiinking about trying to get to paris this summer — it would be my 1st time to europe!

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