Fancy meets Dingy

Zara t-shirt  |  BCBG vest (similar)  |  Aritzia pants  |  Forever21 necklace (similar)
BCBG vest (similar)  |  Aritzia coat  |  Tory Burch shoes  |  Goyard bag

Here we have the classic fancy necklace meets worn in t-shirt story.  It’s a look I’ve been wearing nonstop (like here) and as always, I love a good contradiction when it comes to fashion. 
fancy + fancy = boring and predictable
fancy + dingy = interesting & fun!
Okay, enough math for today.  I tucked the t-shirt into my old harem pants (inspired by Psy, who was inspired by M.C.Hammer…is it just me or was that performance a riot?)  I also added a sweater vest for some movement and/or to hide my muffin top if we’re being completely honest here.  Topped the whole thing off with the most classic double breasted tan peacoat.  So now we have…
fancy + dingy + classic = synergy!
BTW…Homeland viewers, we just finished the first season and are 2 episodes into the 2nd season, it is RIDICULOUSLY good…I can’t stop watching!!


  1. That vest is gorgeous!:)
    Diana from

  2. Wait til you get caught up! I used to just watch it in passing when sj had it on in the background, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away!

    I like the vest. But I’m too pansy to try the pants. :)

  3. you look so cute! those pants are the only thing i fit into after having a baby.. gotta love high-waisted

  4. also the coat fits you perfectly!! i’m still looking for a winter coat..

  5. Love the look, great pieces. I totally loved Psy and MC Hammer’s performance, hilarious. Madison can’t get enough of Gangnam style.

    BTW, you look awesome – what muffin top!

  6. Lovely trench coat!

    xo, tasha
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  7. gorgeous outfit! i love the colours in this look, great styling


    ♥ Ellen

  8. Your jacket and coat has beautiful camel colors. I like this style.
    Casual Clothes for Less | Girlie Blog Seattle

  9. You look so comfortable and I am so jealous of your Goyard bag. I wear sweaters to try to hide my muffin top, too! :) We don’t watch Homeland yet, but so many people love it that I’ve added it to our queue.

  10. Cute outfit; I love t-shirts with statement necklaces.

  11. Your skin looks amazing and love the hair in a bun! Great coat :)

  12. You have a glowing skin. I love it. Your coat really matches with you.

  13. Gorgeous look, love the coat!
    thanks for dropping by my blog hun, love your style. how would you like to follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin?

  14. Awesome look! <3


  15. those pants are amaze. LOVE! xO!

  16. I love the colour combination of your dress. Aritzia pants matches your height well.

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