EmersonMade Old Schools Straight Leg Jeans

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I wrote about my obsession with EmersonMade and these jeans on Friday and as promised, here are pics of the jeans on.

Before A went to bed, she wanted to take some pics of me too…using the flash.

They are quite long so I need to wear killer heels with these jeans but the good thing is, they totally lengthen your legs! While I was taking this picture, A ran over to my previous spot and…

…grabbed my bag. She’s a natural!

Here she is posing with mommy!

I’m telling you these jeans are amazing! I’ve owned 3 other pairs of high waisted jeans and nothing comes close to being as flattering as these are. 

Don’t forget to use the code pearlsandgreentea to receive 15% off your EmersonMade order through 12/31/2010!


  1. You look great!

  2. Those jeans look amazing on you! Your legs look miles long. I was always afraid of high wasted jeans but you look fabulous.

    And A is absolutely precious. :)

  3. looks so great on you! very, very flattering! I’m eyeing one of emerson’s coats.

  4. Love the outfit…and your little one is ready for her own blog :)

    <3, natasha

  5. ahahaha she’s such a little mimic <3 so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the last picture =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

    ps: love the pants!!!!!!!

  6. i have to try them! they do look good on you….

  7. Awesome! :)
    They look super good and like they fit well!


  8. Lovely outfit – especially like the matching belt and bag. I’m glad wider leg trousers are coming back…and to be honest – I’m getting quite tired of low-rise jeans too LOL! Uh-oh – am starting to sound like a mom-jeans type person! But your jeans are not “mom” at all – they are very fashionista!

  9. Love that last pic!

  10. hahaha your little girl is ADORABLE!!!! I think you guys are in trouble :P

    WOW those jeans are HOT, you look fabulous!

  11. Love those pants! Super Classy and super hip!

  12. Jiye, you rock it everytime! And little A is so on her way hahah p.s. I’m having a super fun Kate Spade giveaway that I thought you might be interested in ;) Merry Christmas, lady!

  13. I don’t think there has ever been a more perfect pair of jeans EVER! Those are spectacular!!

  14. Wow, those jeans are fab! They look fantastic on you.
    A is so adorable :)

  15. you look AMAZING! wow!!!! those jeans were made for you!!!!!


  16. it’s so hard to pull off high waisted jeans. I can’t believe how good you look! You rock these “mom” jeans.

  17. hi jh, I asked hans to get them for xmas ;) you look great! did you get your reg size? i never know what size to get with pants…

  18. WOW. those look AMAZING on you. I usually shy away from high waisted pants, but I think I’m a convert now. :)

  19. I might gave to get one if my legs will look 1/2 as long as yours!!! ;)

  20. Thanks everyone..the jeans are super flattering on! You must try them for yourself!!

    Susie: Great xmas gift!! You will love these jeans! I normally wear a 26 for jeans, and I ordered both the 2 and 4 for sizing reasons. I ended up keeping the 4. It fits well and is not super tight. It’s comfy but still flattering! Hope this helps!

  21. Love those jeans! I’ve seen them before but your pictures have sold me, you look amazing!

  22. I adore EmersonMade, and those look KILLER on you!!! Amazingly flattering, and so friggin cute. That is going on the Christmas wish list….hopefully they come super long to fit my 6′ frame!


  23. i love the jeans! and audrey is soooo ridiculously cute with her poses

  24. audrey is too much w/her pose and everything! jeans look great – i can’t believe no alterations needed, you long-dahree, you. :P

  25. Wow, you look SO tall! Love the outfit and the fit of the denim.

  26. Ahh, that top is adorable! Love the polka dots! And those jeans make your legs look miles long. Jealous!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  27. I’ve been looking for a good pair of jeans for almost a year.. so sad. A is so cute! I love your polka dotted top

    Just Better Together

  28. Oh my gosh! So insanely jealous. I have been eyeing those amazing jeans for a while. You may have convinced me that they are necessity…


  29. They’re so flattering on you! LDR =)

    I love the pic of you and A posing! Love how A has her hand on her hip! If Emersonmade had kid sizes, that would be soo cute!

  30. your legs look a mile long!

  31. I love the high waist! They look fabulous on you!! And A is just too cute for words!

  32. Wow, those jeans are spectacular. You look amazing in them and the high waist is really flattering.

    Thanks for popping by my blog.

  33. the jeans look soooo good on you jiye! i love the cut. A is adorable too.

  34. wow, these high-waisted jeans make your legs look miles and miles long!! i love the look on you!! if only they weren’t so expensive, even with the 15% code… and your little daughter is the cutest! she’s learning to pose too! :)


  35. You make those jeans look fabulous!! WOW! Love it!! and your little one is so adorable!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  36. hahah A is awesome and your legs look super long with those jeans!

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