Edgy Glam

DIY Celine t-shirt  |  Urban Outfitters moto vest ($29 on sale now!)  |  Zara brocade pants (similar)
Forever21 necklaces  |  L.A.M.B. shoes (similar)  |  Aritzia coat (similar)  |  Celine bag
I love when a piece you didn’t expect to be, reveals itself to be pretty versatile.  Cue these brocade pants.  I wore them in the fall with my go-to cable knit sweater (here) and the same pumps and handbag.  This time, I swapped out the sweater with a t-shirt and a moto vest.  The t-shirt says to me “I don’t try that hard” (okay fine, I kinda do) while the moto vest says “But I’m cool like that.”  Wait…you mean, your clothes don’t talk to you? And course, I topped the whole thing off with dylanlex inspired stacked necklaces.
And I know some of you have been asking for more info on the Celine t-shirt.  I didn’t take any pics while making it but here’s basically what I did.  
Materials: white t-shirt (mine’s from Target), black fabric marker, printer
1. I found a good picture of the logo. I enlarged the size and printed it out.
2. I put the printed out logo under the front of the shirt and traced the logo with a pencil.
3. I then went over it with black fabric marker. 
The fabric marker was hard to work with and in the end, it didn’t turn out as neatly as I would have liked, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it.  I’d love to hear from you if you end up tackling this DIY!


  1. pretty little things: Thanks! It’s actually 3 necklaces stacked!

  2. I love that DIY t-shirt, I will have to try it. You always look so cute. Love seeing fashionable mothers!
    xxo.Brass Knuckles

  3. Brass Knuckles: Thanks soo much! Def try the DIY…I’m sure you’ll end up w better results than I did! :)

  4. I actually really like the “hand-drawn” look, it looks really fresh! I will try it and post, and def. credit you for the idea :)

  5. I like the pants!

  6. so cute! i hope someday when i’m a mom i’ll be as stylish as you =) loving this moto vest and definitely going to give the celine DIY shirt s try!

  7. I have that camel coat from Aritzia too… I should really wear it more often. Love this!!

    xo, alison*elle

  8. Brass Knuckles: Thanks!! I can’t wait to see it!

    Jisun: You can have them if you want unni.

    Stephanie: Aw thanks! I’m sure you will be! Pls let me know how the DIY goes! Would love to hear!

    Alison elle: You should! I love it!

  9. Super fabulous outfit. The DIY shirt is on my mind and been meaning to do it. Great styling.


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