Dressmaking was a useful hobby in the 1950s, but it is also a way today for people to be a style stand out. Seeking vintage styles, look no further than a great old pattern and a sewing machine. You can add personal flair and personality. Making your own dresses is something that brings a deep sense of satisfaction as well as the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Following the second world war, women were looking for ways to reinvent themselves. Becoming their own dressmakers gave them the chance to do just that. Pattern companies like Butterick, McCalls, Simplicity, and Vogue all offer women the opportunity to carve out their own style. By using modern fabrics and combining them with throwback styles, voila – a fashion statement all your own. Dressmaking has long been a hobby for those looking to make their fashion mark.

Take a walk through any department store, big-box retail store, or individual dress shop and you will find that garments tend to look the same. Dressmaking is a way to stay within the confines of the latest fashions, while still adding something unique like the choice of fabric or an embellishment. You will be in style, but with your own style.

To get started on finding your own personal dressmaking style take a trip to your local fabric store. Find your way to the pattern books and spend a good couple of hours perusing. Take notes of the patterns, style elements, and fabrics which catch your attention. If you are new to sewing and dressmaking, you may want to stick to the “Easy to Sew” patterns. Many times the patterns are categorized as such by a special tab in the pattern book.

Take your notes along as you search for a few beginner patterns to try out. Once you locate the pattern you are starting with, read the directions on the back completely. The dress pattern will outline exactly how much fabric, what type of fabric, the notions you will need, as well as any other important information associated with your dressmaking project.

You will need a basic sewing machine to get started. Low-cost machines are available at Walmart and other retailers. You may also wish to look online. When first starting out as a dressmaker, you will not need a fancy machine. Depending on the style dress you are making, the machine will need a buttonhole function and a zipper foot.

If you have questions, ask a clerk at the fabric store to help you sort through the details of your pattern or choice of fabrics. Sewing with a basic cotton fabric is a good place to start. Summer dresses are always pretty in cotton florals.

Dressmaking is a hobby you can’t afford to pass up. It is fun, affordable, and gives your wardrobe that extra something special.