DIY Jumpsuit

black jumpsuitTop from Korea (Similar: Club Monaco Sandra Silk & Mesh Top)  |  Aritzia Pants (Similar: ASOS Pants)
Free People Jacket (Similar: Rag & Bone Crop Denim Jacket)  |  Dolce Vita Sandals (Similar: Schutz Slate Bootie)

black harem pants


black on black

I’ve always been a fan of jumpsuits.  The year was 1997, I was 16 years old and the winter formal was approaching.  Unable to find a suitable dress, I decided to design my own jumpsuit.  I drew out a crude sketch of a jumpsuit with a halter neck (loved those halter necks back in the day!), purchased a pale pink textured silk fabric and took these items to a seamstress.  The end result was about as good as the inexperienced designer.  Basically, it was bad but I wore that jumpsuit to the formal with pride.  I remember people asking me “Are those pants??” and being puzzled by the look, which gave me a weird sort of satisfaction.  I was able to track down a picture of that night and I almost can’t believe I’m posting this but here goes…


 I like to think I’ve come a long way since that awful pink jumpsuit in high school but I guess I have to give my 16 year old self credit for effort, if nothing else.

So back to today’s post…A smart way to fake the jumpsuit look is to wear separates.  Keep the top and bottom in the same color and similar fabric.  I think a high waisted, harem pant style works best with a loose-ish top.  Nothing should be too tight.  The ASOS pants are a dead ringer for my Aritzia ones and only $39!  You’ll get more use out of these pants than you think.  Looks great with a shirt tucked in and you can layer vests and jackets on top of it.  Also, the tapered leg allows you to show off your shoes.

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  1. j'all feel? says:

    wow’s bingo are the only words that come to mind.
    you know who.

  2. So fly!

  3. Dress up files says:

    Yeo boh: yeah jall feel! Wows bingo!

    Aled: lol!! You were probably at this winter formal!! Haha

  4. This is such a great look. I love your smart tip about faking a jump suit. I have recently started to try that trick out myself. It’s so fun to have brand new looks from your own closet. Also it seems like you were a trendsetter even back in high school. Way to go!

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