Dana’s First Birthday Bash!

For birthday parties, I’m always torn between going with pretty themes I love myself vs going with kid appropriate themes.  For A’s dohl (first birthday) a few years ago, we only had a handful of kids (mostly 0-2 years old) so I planned a luncheon at an elegant restaurant and went with a sophisticated, girly color scheme.  Check out pictures here
For D’s party, I knew we were tackling a whole different beast.  More than 50 kids were set to attend and having it at an elegant restaurant was absolutely out of the question.  I ended up renting out a gigantic indoor playground.  As friends were leaving at the end of the party, I noticed that child after child was walking out with a huge smile and a sweaty mop of hair and I knew the party had been a success.  When kids are having fun, parents get to relax and chit chat.  Winning!
A few months ago, I started seeing pictures of rainbow themed parties pop up all over the internet and I was sold.  I love the impact the vibrant colors have and how cheerful and happy it looks.  
All the paper goods were by chickabug, including the invites, cupcake toppers, banner, favor labels, etc. I bought the files and printed everything at home.  She was so great to work with and very helpful!  And I think the paper goods are what really brought everything to life.

Hubby’s assistant is an ex-professional baker and still makes cakes for her side business. She made us this amazing rainbow cake!

I got these markers for 28 cents during the back to school sale. I put them in a ziploc bag and covered them with a label.  The entire favor cost less than 50 cents, which is nice when you have to make 50 of them!
I got these giant lollipops from Oriental Trading Company.  I added the sticker labels to personalize them.  The base is foam blocks from JoAnn’s that I wrapped in rainbow paper.  I just stuck the lollipops into the foam blocks to have them stand up.  

I’ve been wanting a Polaroid camera forever and I finally used D’s party as an excuse to get one.  I also got these props from etsy.  I had them set up on one of the couch areas and people got to take pics and take home the picture.  I will probably use these props and polaroid at every future party I throw!

Here are the props in action.

D changed into a hanbok (traditional Korean dress) for more pictures.

Not to be outdone, A had to don hers as well of course.

Dohl Ja Bee. This is a traditional Korean game played at first birthdays.  You set up different things in front of the baby until they grab one and it’s supposed to predict what their future will hold.  For example, pencil means they will be a scholar, golf ball means an athlete, microphone means an entertainer and so on.  Here’s D planning her attack.

She ended up choosing the stethoscope.  My grandfather was a doctor so maybe she will follow in his footsteps! Oh and excuse my sexy expression and why did no one tell me my slip was showing the entire party?? Ah…never a dull moment!

With my mom (who flew 17 hours to be here!) and my girls.  Blessed!

The party was fun but I am so glad that it’s over.  Now, Thanksgiving and Christmas to focus on! 



  1. Wow, you did a great job, everything looks awesome. Happy birthday to baby D! The girls look fabulous in both their outfits. 50 kids, you’re good. Love the family pic.

  2. What a fabulous party! I love the rainbow theme with all of the paper goods you used – such a great idea! You and your girls are absolutely lovely!

  3. Looks like a fun party! Love all the details. Happy birthday Dana!

  4. Aw!I love the markers as party favors! I just hope the kids doesn’t take them home and start coloring rainbows on the walks because that’s totally something I’d do!

  5. Cutest birthday party ever!!!! Happy Happy Birthday to Dana!!

  6. LOVE! Looks like Dana had a fantastic first birthday :)

  7. OMG soooo cute!!!! I need help in this department……sorry we missed it. Happy Dohl Dana :)

    Great pics Jiye


  8. ohhh, your girls are sooo beautiful! and what a great party, I’d agree that the sign of a successful kids party are those big beaming faces! I loooove the hanbok pic! =)

  9. Amazing party set up! My son is turning one and it will be a small Lion King themed one but I had such a hard time figuring out what to do! I am glad you posted this. I love the DIY with the lollipops. I was wondering how I will place my cakepops! I now have an idea, thanks to you!

  10. wow looks like it was a great first bday!!! Beautiful family and you are stunning love xo

  11. Hi Jiye! What a fabulous party!!! That cake is just delightful, and your girls are beautiful!

  12. That table looks amazing and I love the cupcakes!

    Pearls & Paws

  13. Oh my gosh, I am SO IMPRESSED with all of the decor and details you created! How adorable!! I wish I had parties like that as a child!!

    Happy (early) Thanksgiving!!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  14. Looks like so much fun for big people and little ones alike. Great job!

  15. you did an amaze job! we have another thing in common- im so obsessed with party planning and planning parties for others on the side- its SO Fun! you did an amazing job!!!! love the colorful vibe!!! ps, i am seriously loving your blog. xO!

  16. I love the rainbow theme and I think you made a great decision on the large playland. NO way 50 kids would have survivded anything else :) Love their little outfits and the end, had me totally “awwing” over it

  17. Oh my goodness, there are so many sweet things I want to say about this! I love the theme, the decorations and that HUGE cake! I bet the kids had so much fun too x

  18. Your daughter is adorable and what a wonderful first birthday! So glad your Mom flew in from Korea for the occasion. Thank you for stopping by and visitng my blog…hope you are enjoying your thanksigiving.

  19. where’s your dress from?

  20. Anonymous: It’s from All Saints!

  21. good job!!! so perfect and so dana :)

  22. Such a cute party and I love your party favors!

  23. Amazing way of introducing the new style of birth days parties. I like it so much. Kids party Sydney

  24. Wow. you did a fabulous job pulling it together! I am inspired! What food did you serve? I am planning my own first birthday dohl for my son at a rental facility and brainstorming for ideas. Thanks

  25. creme_brulee: Thanks! We catered korean food like kimbop, kanpoongee, chapchae, mandoo, etc from a korean grocery story. It was affordable and I think most people like that kind of food. Kids got pizza and lemonade, which was included in the cost of the party rental.

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