Cork Board Project

Awhile ago, I bought a plain cork board from the Container Store to tack up odds and ends like invitations or bills that needed to be paid. It was such an eyesore that I decided to try my hand at a simple DIY cork board makeover. This is honestly soo easy and anyone can do it!

You start with a plain corkboard and paint the wooden frame white. If I had to buy my own paint, I would have bought high gloss white paint to make it pop even more. I just ended up using leftover white paint we had from when we first moved in.

Next, you measure out the cork board and cut out that exact amount of your favorite wrapping/decorative paper. Use permanent double sided tape to attach the paper to the cork.


After I completed mine and tacked things up, I realized a more simple, repetitive print in 1 or 2 colors would have made a bigger impact. Here are some examples of paper that would work great! The first is a Wooster & Prince paper sold on paper mojo and the second is from paper source.

If you decide to tackle this DIY, please send me before and after pictures so I can post them up! :)



  1. steak and french fries says:

    i can’t believe you also wrote about this project. please read my most recent blog similarly titled “dork bored project”.

  2. so pretty- how’d you think of this??

  3. chris: I saw someone else put paper on the background of a corkboard and I just painted it coz the original color looked too raw

  4. I’m very tempted!

    Viv xx – Artwork made with love

  5. cute! it’s really cute with fabric too. i used to make these in my sorority days :)

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