Chicago Gourmet 2010

We were so excited for Chicago Gourmet this past Sunday. It’s basically a huge food festival with famous chefs (Cat Cora, Rick Bayless, etc) and food tastings (Top Chef style).  We had gone to the Green City Market BBQ last year and loved every moment of gluttony it had to offer.  We thought Chicago Gourmet would be even better and splurged on the tickets. 
Unfortunately, it was a huge letdown!  The great majority of the booths were liquor, wine and beer tastings. The food tastings were in pavilions with ridiculous lines! Oh well, you live you learn! It was still a cool experience, but not worth the money. Here’s a photo recap…
 Mini Blue Moons! Blue Moon on the right and their pumpkin beer on the left. Yumm!
Tons of wine stations that we couldn’t really frequent because we were always in line for some food pavilion 
Snapping a quick pic while waiting in line. The event took place in beautiful Millennium Park with our skyline as the backdrop!
The first and one of the best things we tasted. Coq au Vin!
Gibsons filet sliders & crab salad!
L20 & Sunda’s shrimp dishes
Trio of desserts
Purple pig sliders, Porchetta sliders (so good!), and some other unidentifiable dishes.
Millennium Park
Aritzia fatigue jacket & lace tank, J Brand jeans, Aldo Brendal boots, Balenciaga Part Time bag
What’s something you splurged on that you regretted later?


  1. Seems like such a fun concept! I would love to do something like that. I like food, a lot :)

  2. What food they did have looks yummy! I hate when you pay for something like that and it’s a let down.

  3. I wanted to go! I am disappointed that you were let down. :(. Have you been to xoco? I went there this summer with a friend. YUM!!! Love Rick. and of course top chef. I am dying to get a reservation to Girl and The goat. I have heard rave reviews.

  4. It was SO disappointing! We had our camera too but barely took any pics. We ate as we walked from line to line. :( Oh so many lines… I didn’t see the Coq au vin or the L20/Sunda tents…or the dessert trio! When we were waiting for the Asian tent to be set up, somebody was passing out those pumpkin chocolate leftovers. They were so pretty!

  5. looks like fun xxx

  6. Crab salad sounds toothsome and I love the idea of Pumpkin beer. Have a nice weekend;-)

  7. Oohhh, where to begin. I make a habit of splurging on things when I shouldn’t. ;oP

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