A Silly Little Lady!

About a week ago, I heard a squeal and ran over to find A stuck in the baby seat part of her toy grocery cart!  I tried to explain that it was a toy so only her toy baby could fit in there but I think  I lost her at “A, this is….blah blah blah…yadda yadda”
Here she is begging to be saved by daddy but meanwhile, continues to pull this antic off on a daily basis!
What are some of the silly things your kids are doing these days?

Baby A’s Looks

These go back several months but better late than never, right?
Crewcuts shirt, Baby gap jorts :)
Audrey earns her keep around the house.  Here she is swiffering.
Gymboree tank, American Apparel cardigan, DKNY jeggings, Ugg boots

An Art Fest & a Tantrum

Last week, hubbie and I ventured out to the Bucktown Art Fest with toddler and pug in tow.  This fest takes place literally 2 blocks from our place so it’s one we go to each year.  We enjoy strolling in and out of the stalls, listening to local bands, and eating oh so bad (but oh so good) fest food! 
Here I am feeding A a well rounded, nutritious dinner of corndogs and lemonade. ;)
A had a ton of fun dancing and running around at the fest.  Before we knew it, it was bedtime and I was trying to get her back into the trike, with very little success.  Here I am being “nice mommy” trying to coax her gently into sitting down.  A is standing straight as a pole, refusing to bend her legs to get in and avoiding eye contact.  I have one stubborn girl on my hands!
When the “nice mommy” tactics failed me, I grabbed her hands and gave her a dose of my “angry eyes”. 
She finally caved but not without showing me who was boss with a tantrum in front of a crowd no less!
What are some of your favorite tantrum stories? Please share so we can commiserate together!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

So this post is a bit (er…6 months) overdue but hey, better late than never, right? I had a blast planning A’s 1st birthday party or dohl (in Korean).  I had two very special Sarah’s help me with this event.  One is my sister in law (a former catering maven) and the other, a friend (stationary designer extraordinaire).  Everything turned out beautiful and it was such a memorable event!

Truly Smitten’s Sarah used A’s actual silhouette to create this! I loved the color palette she came up with!
The silhouette was used for the cupcake toppers as well.  It pained me a little that the cupcakes didn’t color coordinate but we had to get red velvet cupcakes! Yum!
Gorgeous flower arrangements by SIL Sarah!
The dessert table with Korean rice cakes, cupcakes, various yellow candies and lemons for that pop of color!
Close up
Menu cards by Truly Smitten Sarah
Our little doll in her party dress! I searched high and low for an affordable party dress and ended up getting this for $19.99 at TJ Maxx.  Steal!!
Picture table (didn’t want to overdo it so we just chose 2 pictures we love) and the glimpse of the adults favors on the right.
These held earl grey and chocolate espresso orange tea cookies, baked and packaged by Truly Smiten Sarah!
A’s costume change into a traditional Korean dress.
Family pic! This was towards the end of the party and past her nap time so getting her to smile was impossible…poor baby!
Oh and here is the beautiful and hilarious video slideshow the hubbie made for A’s birthday! It’s a must see!!

If the video’s not working, click here for a link to the youtube video.
I had so much fun with our baby’s dohl but I have to say, I was exhausted and relieved when it was over!

Fashionable diaper bags….is that an oxymoron?

Since A’s arrival, all my precious handbags have been stored away and in their place is dun dun dun…the diaper bag. It just doesn’t make sense to carry both a diaper bag and a separate handbag. Lucky for me, a dear friend from Mia Bossi gifted me with the Reese bag in blueberry. This is about as nice as you can get for a diaper bag!

But since I will be pretty much exclusively using my diaper bag for the next, oh 5 years or so…I decided I need some other options as well. Just like how we have different handbags to go with different outfits…I need different diaper bags. Now, Miabossi is about as good as it gets in terms of diaper bags…so I had to venture out to non-diaper bag land.

Here are my top 2 choices for now…

1. Goyard St. Louis GM

+ very lightweight
+ durable material (can throw around w/o worrying)

– no zipper closure!
– not sure about bright colors but don’t like how the black looks

My favorite is the white but not an option since it will get dirty quickly as a diaper bag.

My other favorite colors are orange and blue but wondering if I’ll get sick of the bright colors.

2. YSL downtown tote

+ large and purty!
+ zipper closure

– heavy leather and hardware!
– I’d be nervous about getting the leather wet or damaged
So help! Which do you think is the better option? and if you chose the goyard, what color is your favorite?